The Trash Can

garbage-bin-485817-m The city picked up the trash yesterday. Normally this event occurs on Fridays, but due to the holiday, pick up was delayed. This reminded me of a trash day about three weeks ago.

The day started with a great shower, clean clothes and the hint of having a great day. As I was leaving, I gathered up the three trash bags (I’m always puzzled how two people can produce so much trash!!), hooked my car keys on my finger and headed to the trash can. I lifted the lid and let the bags fly…and also my car keys. They went all the way to the bottom of the can. I stood there giving the can my “look”. You have probably seen it. Blank face with dash of perturbed and a shot of annoyance!! “Well, amen!!” I thought. What a blessing this is…Not!

I looked around to find something to use to catch the keys. I found out a broom does not work. I unloaded the weeks worth of trash (did I mention there seemed to be a lot of bags that day) and planned on tilting the bottom of the can up to allow the keys to slide out. I tried this three times with the keys stopping on the internal part of the outside handle. How hard can it be to recover my stinking keys? I was not going to crawl into the can. I could have gotten caught on the internal part of the outside handle and probably would have had to spend the night waiting for the police to find me. I decided to turn (roll) the can 90 degrees and try tilting the bottom again. The keys came out. I took the other now full trash can to the curb. I went back into the house, cleaned myself up and left for work much later than I had intended.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one this has happened too!!!

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