The Water Hose

leaking water hose

The Lord has been gracious to keep my lawn green for most of the summer. I have only watered it twice. The first time was a week ago Saturday. The day I worked in the yard. I had the water on for one hour and the doorbell rings. It was The City of Oklahoma City water department with a warning that I was watering on an odd day when I’m an even. I could probably have a forty-eight minute discussion on the previous sentence, but I won’t.

The second day I watered was yesterday. Even-even, everything ok with the City. I notice my water hose had a small leak in its side, as it lay across the drive way. The water fountained up from the needle size opening. Thinking as a man thinks, I went into my garage to find my duct tape. I bought the extra strong tape that should hold anything. Locating the puncture site, I wrap the tape for six inches on either side of the leak. I put away the tape and turn on the water. After making sure the sprinkler coverage is what I was envisioning, I turn to see my water hose now looks like an anaconda that has swallowed a capybara!! The anaconda-like hose then ruptures itself unto the drive way, with three dollars’ worth of water rippling toward the hard street, which I’m sure eventually ended up in the Gulf of Mexico.

So I asked The Lord if it couldn’t have committed suicide on the grassy knoll, instead of the hard, lifeless drive way, couldn’t it God? He said, “yeah, I suppose so, but not for you. You get to get a brand new hose between now and next summer. Oh, and Steve…I can take care of the watering year round. I can. Trust me.” I believe; help my unbelief.

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