I was visiting  with my brother, last night.  He asked me how I was.  I thought for a moment and said.”Good, happy, excited to have been able to create something like my blog (with a little help from my friends)”.  As I was driving to work, this morning, I was thinking about that subject.

It has not always been easy for me to talk with people.  Once, I was criticized by a co-worker for being slow to respond to his statement.  I didn’t have an immediate response because I was thinking of what I wanted to say and how I should say it.  I find I can communicate, somewhat better, through writing.  Through writing, I have time to build the structure of my thought. I start with the bare thought and add to it or take away, as necessary.  That is how my stories are formed.

The start of this blog is a result of the encouragement I received through my Facebook page, “Please Ma’an, let me finish my thought”.  While that page is sufficient for posting a story, it did not exactly meet my needs in regards to appearance and being able to separate my post from a dancing cat video or the latest terrorist post.  Here, I think it will be save to say, you will not find any dancing cat videos.

I am humbled to know that anyone would be interested enough to read one of my stories.  I get excited and encouraged, when one of you clicks “like” or would leave a comment.  I am in awe, when you sign up to “follow” me.  This blog is not a commercial venture.  It is just a place where we can visit together, to inspire one another, and if it could be, a place to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

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