Laundry Night

dryer_250To paraphrase the old Swingin’ Medallions song, “Double Shot (of my baby’s love)”, I need a double shot of caffeine or something.  It happens, almost every morning, following laundry night.  Last night was a two-load laundry night.

After getting home from work and visiting with Terrie for a little bit, we go in to have our supper.  I carry our over-filled laundry “barrel” (we call it a barrel for some odd reason) into the laundry room on my way to the kitchen.  I do a quick sorting of clothes, separating like materials and start the first load.  We finished up our supper and I go back to our bedroom to read while the washer is efficiently doing its job.

I was lying on the bed, reading my Edgar Wallace book “The Daffodil Murders”, when the weight of my iPad became too much.  The iPad slipped to my stomach causing my eye lids to close and before I could protest, I was asleep.  Thirty minutes later, I get up and place the wet clothes in the dryer and start the second load.

I am fully awake by this time, so I start to read my book again.  Around 10:30, the buzzer on the dryer announces that it is finished for the night and would like to go to sleep.  I would like too.  But I can’t.

Years ago, I developed a strange case of insomnia, when the clothes dryer, we had at the time, lost the ability to turn itself off after completing its cycle.  I would stay awake, while the dryer turned and turned and I would periodically check the dampness of the clothes, until they were dry and I could hang them up.

So, last night, I could not go to sleep until after 12:30 because of the nap and because of my dryer craziness.  To make the sleep time, more enjoyable, I had two leg cramps, conveniently timed to give me no more than two hours sleep between horror sessions.  Waking up at 5:30, left me with a need of a double shot of my Baby’s love (yeah, yeah, yeah).


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