If you are going to dream, dream BIG!

W1963-JAGUAR-XKE-S1COUPEhen I was going to Central Elementary/Middle School in Bethany, we lived in a house on NW 36th between Ann Arbor and Meridian.  I walked to school from our house to Ann Arbor, turning north to NW 39th to a crosswalk, crossing NW 39th to my school.

When we would travel from California to Oklahoma, I gained an appreciation for the automobile.  I appreciated a clean, good looking, and stylish set of wheels.  I would notice these vehicles from the back seat of our car.  Often, we would have an Oldsmobile, Buick, or even a Cadillac.  In the back floor boards, Mom would lay our suitcases down and place pillows on top of them, forming a bed for the three kids.  We would sleep “hobo” style.  We called it “hobo” though none of us actually knew how a hobo slept.  Larry would lean against the door.  I leaned on Larry.  Brenda leaned on me.  That’s “hobo” style.

I walked by a used car lot, that was at the corner of NW 39th and Ann Arbor, on my way home.  One day, I stopped to look at the cars.  They had two cars that I was interested in.  On the front row, was a shining black 1963 Jaguar XKE coupe.  It had bright red leather interiors and wire wheels.  The markings on the windshield said they wanted $3,000.00.  To a thirteen or fourteen year old boy, without a job or even an allowance, that was a lot of money.  The other car was on the back row.  It was a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria coupe.  The windshield shoe polish stated $300.00 for this beauty.  I walked back and forth between the two cars, trying to soak up every specialty of the vehicle.  The inevitable car salesman came out and said, “Can I help you, Sonny?”  I didn’t like being called “Sonny”, but I knew that he knew I could not have been a serious buyer.  “I’m just trying to decide which one I want!” I said with a break in my voice.  “Well, you can look, but don’t mess with them.”  He turned and walked back into his office.

Well, I didn’t g1956_ford_crown_victoria+et either one of the cars.  I’m sure there was probably another car that struck my fancy a week later.  So I say, “If you are going to dream, dream big!”

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