imgMissing-PersonToday, I saw a photo of Greg Keenen holding his new grandson, Maverick Jude Davis.  I was imagining the joy that Greg must have felt at that moment.  I thought of the new relationship that began that day and of how exciting it will be to see it develop.  I thought of the other pictures with different people holding him, loving him, dreaming for him, projecting their hopes for him and I’m sure there were prayers for him and will continue to pray for him (see my article, “Prayer Warrior”).

These people, and others, will collectively do their best to inform him, teach him, guide him and direct him to grow into a man of character, integrity and godliness.  They will spoil him, as they should, up to a point to where it will not damage his maturity.  They will make mistakes.  He will make mistakes.  Hopefully, both parents and child will learn from their mistakes and acquire a greater understanding of what is best for him.  In a sense, he will be jointly mentored.

Have you thought about the people who have mentored you?  Naturally, the first would be your parents, then family members.  Eventually, a group of people will seem to bunch together to create an influence on your life.  There will be church members, neighbors, school mates, and teachers.  There could possibly be world leaders, politicians, church leaders, excreta.  More likely than not, it will be family and friends.

I had a couple of teachers who left some quips in my head.  My fifth grade teacher asked me to answer a question.  I answered her with what I thought was right.  “Are you sure?” she asked. Well, no – so I gave a different answer.  She said, and this is what I remember, “Your first answer was correct.  Stick by your guns!”  I had a shop teacher, who was standing at the right side of the classroom conveying some whispered information to someone who came into the room.  Collectively the class turned their heads to the right to look at them.  The teacher said, “Look straight ahead.  Then the words will go straight into your ears.”  I know there are and have been, Christian school teachers who truly care, not only for the education of their students, but their souls as well.  Parents, who would do almost anything to have their children grow up to be a quality person, will mentor them.

Why would someone want to mentor (to advise or train) you?  I think the short answer is because they care for you and want to see you advance.

Most of my mentors have passed away.  I miss them.  I miss being able to ask them a question.  I miss being able to visit with them and listen to their life experience.  I miss the closeness of having that parental guidance.  On a spiritual level that is still available and accessible, but the human to human part, I miss.  But that’s not a bad thing, because my mentors have left me with pleasant thoughts.  Thoughts of people who loved and cared for me.

To the Davis family and the Keenen family, won’t it be good in sixty plus years when Maverick Jude Davis will pause and think, “I miss them.  They loved me and cared for me all of my life!”

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