A Sweet And Precious Time With ‘Precious’

Wchurch3hat a wonderful day!  The Lord heard our prayers concerning Terrie’s sciatic nerve problem she was having this morning.  The commute wasn’t bad.  The weather was delightful.  Work was great.  I was feeling good and excited to be going home.

When I got home, Terrie was happy to see me and I was happy to see her.  She told me about her day and I gave her my version of the day.  I was lying on the bed to rest a little bit before we had supper. I picked up my iPad and went to YouTube.  It was showing an artist I wasn’t familiar with so I listen to him and enjoyed his singing.  The first song leads to another song; then to another.  Terrie began singing with the videos and tears began to fill our eyes.  It was like being in church when God uses His music to fill your heart and think of the goodness of God.  We played songs for an hour.  It was so sweet and precious.  I would not have changes this evening for any other.

Of the many videos we play, I wanted to share just three with you.

Perhaps from these three offerings, you might dip your dry cup into the artesian well that is the Lord’s.

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