The Label

T2XLerrie bought me a couple of new shirts on Saturday.  I am always thankful to have a new shirt that might improve my appearance, because I need all the help I can get, but I will always one shirt in particular, that I got several years ago that made a lasting impression.

I was scheduled to visit a contractor in Maryville, Missouri to discuss some projects we had going on. Maryville is in the northwest corner of Missouri, about 100 miles north of Kansas City.  I was to fly into Kansas City and have the contractor pick me up and then drive back to Maryville.

The day before I was to leave, I bought a new polo shirt with a nice pattern and a solid color collar.  The contractor was a good customer and I wanted to make a favorable impression, so the next morning I put on my new shirt and a pair of Dockers.  I arrived at Will Rogers Airport before the sun was up.  I checked in, went to my gate and boarded the plane.  We took off for the hour and a half flight.  The flight attendant reminded me of one of our church members, Jody Freeman.  Jody was a flight attendant at one time and had the same friendly smile and attitude.  We arrived at Kansas City without incident.  The contractor picked me up and we started the two hour ride to Maryville.

We went to the jobsite, which was a school that we were to add more classrooms and a gymnasium .  I met the architect and other people of importance throughout the day.  Finally the time came to start back to the Kansas City and the flight home.

I noticed we had the same flight crew as the morning flight.  After we were level, I asked for a Coke and some peanuts.  I was thinking about the day as it seemed to have been a successful trip.  I had met several people who had a smile for me throughout the day.  The flight attendant, who reminded me of Jody, brought my Coke and peanuts.  I thanked her, but she did not leave right away.  Instead, she leaned in a little closer to me and said, “Before we land in Oklahoma City, you may want to remove the label from your shirt.”  She straightened up and went about her business.  I looked down at my chest and right under my heart was a label that showed I was wearing a 3XL size shirt.  I had forgotten to remove it after I bought the shirt.  I felt like such a dork!  I wanted to change into a liquid form and leak into the cargo bay and out of the plane.

I thought of all the people who I had been in contact with during the day and what they must have thought.  The contractor never said anything afterward about my “Minnie Pearl” clothing and we did get the job.  I was so embarrassed.

So…I now check for any exterior label or stick on before I venture out.  And again I ask, am I the only one these things happen to?

Let me hear from you!



One thought on “The Label

  1. I am laughing hard about the “The Label.” I have done the same thing. Once, with our grandkids, I shopped for 2 hours in Macy’s with a green lollipop stuck to the front of my sweater (Jim did not notice). Also, one morning I felt so happy about wearing a dress that had fit way too tight the month before. It was a sheath dress with a somewhat see-through jacket. I wore it to church, feeling quite comfy, as the dress now felt oodles too big … until we stood to sing a hymn, and Terrie Elkins leaned forward, tapped me on the shoulder and discreetly asked, “Uh, Sally, would you like me to zip up the back of your dress for you?” !!! DUH.


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