In Honor Of Miss Carolyn


The first time I met Carl and Carolyn Carrigan was when they came to Graceway Baptist Church, in Oklahoma City for a meeting in the early 1990’s.  They were evangelist who traveled around the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  They had a different ministry than others, in that they would sit up a art board on the streets of New York City, in the ghettos of other major cities, in Belize, in the Philippians, or in Venezuela.  They would gather a crowd through Brother Carl’s art with a message board.

They did not arrive in a Gulfstream jet airplane or in a customized motor couch with chrome wheels and a flashy paint job, they came in a well used motor home with fainted beige paint and a front window curtain that needed to be replacedif there were some extra funds.  There would be no funds for curtains because their money went in travel expenses to reach more people for Christ.  That seemed to be their motivation and desire, to be used by God to tell the world about Jesus.  It was not in acquiring material things to make their life more comfortable, but in telling the common man, woman, boy and girl that there was a new life in Christ.

Miss Carolyn, as everyone called her, was a quiet, gentle, peaceful woman, who had a loving smile and a kind word.  Both of the Carrigans were well educated and had a confidence in their life work.  They loved their family and their extended church families and we loved them.  They came every year after that first time to minister the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Recently, they both faced health issues, which could effect their being with us for this Thanksgiving.  We did not want that tradition to end.

Miss Carolyn was born September 28, 1937.  She finished well November 3, 2014.    She was a faithful servant of God.

I thought if she would choose a song, she would pick one about Jesus, that would focus on Jesus.  I chose this one to remember her.

What a wonderful testimony and heritage is your’s , Miss Carolyn.

3 thoughts on “In Honor Of Miss Carolyn

  1. Thank you for your kind words about my grandparents. I will miss my Mamaw but I am grateful for the full and victorious life that she lived no matter what she was going through. Thank you again.


    • Apryl, you are welcome. She was a dear lady and I will miss her as well. I wanted to let your family know according to Facebook, almost 1500 people were reached through this post. The highest number I had before this was about 80. The numbers tell me of the great impact your grandparents have had on the world in their ministry. God used this simple post to bring attention to His servants. We continue to pray for Brother Carl and your family.


  2. Carolyn was a light for Christ; her testimony for Jesus will never die. We know God will continue to glorify Himself through Carl. Thank you, Lord, for saving Carl and Carolyn and sharing them with Graceway Baptist Church. And thank you, Steve, for writing what you did!


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