2014 Review

sparkling_2014_lightsIn July of this year, I was at an emotional low in my life.  I felt isolated, out of touch, lonely, frustrated and abandoned.  The Bible says if a man wants to have friends, he must show himself friendly.  I thought I could do that by joining Facebook.  Now I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, but as the Lord was guiding me, I realized I had a two fold mission in joining.  The first was to reach out to others to let me see what was going on with them and to let them know be better.  Secondly, I wanted to share my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through my writings.  I don’t write cryptic short sentences and post them.  I don’t understand them and they seem silly to me.  I prefer a whole sentence with some meaning.

Shortly after I joined Facebook, I was encouraged to write a book.  I wasn’t interested in that, but I did want more creative avenues to express myself.  I chose to start a Facebook community page which I entitled “Please Ma’am, let me finish my thought”.  The name originated from being married for over forty years and have a wife who was anxious to express herself, even if I was talking.

From the community page, I desired even more creative input regarding the appearance of the page.  I researched the various aspects of blogging and found I could have a blog, at no expense, and have the creativity I wanted.  In September of this year, I launched “Please Ma’am, let me finish my thought”, the blog.

This blog has been a blessing to me, in that, I have been able to express myself through writing or in other media.  It has helped me get a better understanding about what has happened in my life and has helped me put to rest some of the things that have troubled me.  I have tried to be honest with you about myself and others, without causing harm or embarrassment to them.

The Bible says that each person has a level of faith.  Above wanting to bring a smile or a tear, I have strived to show how great God has worked in my life.  My desire is that through this blog, the readers level of faith may be increased.

Allow me to share some numbers and facts about this blog.  Since September, the blog has had over 1800 hits on 44 post.  You may reach this blog directly at pleasemaam.14.wordpress.com or through Facebook, Google +, or Twitter.  Currently I have 80 Facebook followers with an average of about 40 reaches per post.  Most people do not comment or like, although I am greatly encouraged by those who do.  Words of affirmation is one of my love languages.

The post with the most activity was “In Honor of Miss Carolyn“.  It was my effort to appreciate one of God’s Servants.  I had well over 380 hits in one day for that story.

This blog has been read in the USA, UK, Germany, India, Philippines and Australia.  I believe the hits outside of the USA were probably looking at “In Honor of Miss Carolyn.”  In the USA, I have readers from coast to coast.

I am trying to make your experience here to be a joyful one.  I want to be open before you and I desire that we may be able to have a conversation on different topics.  I ask for your input and thoughts.  At the bottom of each post, you can now rate the post from 1 to 5 stars and you can add your comments to ‘What’s Your Thoughts?’ in the box at the bottom of each post.

This blog is not for everyone, I understand that.  Some follow because they are related to me.  Some follow because I go to church with them.  Some may follow out of sympathy, I don’t know, but if you want to read something that will inspire you in some way, that’s what I offer.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

2 thoughts on “2014 Review

  1. Mr. Elkins, My experience reading your stories has been extremely joyful. I am a man of simple thoughts. I can understand and relate to your stories. Thanks and keep it up


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