Things I Don’t Understand…Tattoos

Therbarb-1e are things in life that I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand the resurgence of tattoos, especially with Christians.

Let me tell you where I am coming from and then we can discuss it.  My mother had two diagonal tattoos of roses placed just above her breast and below her collar bones.  She got them before she became a Christian.  When she became a Christian, she was convicted by God about them, so she had them removed.  This was years before laser removal was possible, so she was left with ugly scars instead of red roses.  Her decision about trying to please God through her actions made an impact upon my thinking on the subject.

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In The Shadow Of ‘Job’

Tershadowrie and I had quite a week, last week! We had several things happen that made us scratch our heads and wonder what was going on.  I sent out a Facebook post with the idea of venting some frustration and maybe someone might say, “Well, God bless your heart!”  But about half way through my writing, God started speaking to my heart about how He responded to my situations.  Here is what I wrote:

Steve Elkins

January 17 at 8:28pm · Oklahoma City, OK · Edited

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

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When It Gets Hot

Lfireast Sunday, our Sunday school lesson was from Daniel chapter 1 entitled “Reset Emotionally”.  Pastor Greg Keenen writes our Sunday school material and always challenges us to live according to the Word of God.  The main points of the lesson were 1) Refuse to become a victim (v 2), 2) Refuse to lose your identity (v7-8a), 3) Refuse to be defiled (v8b), 4) Refuse to follow the cowards (v8c), 5) Refuse to believe that you cannot succeed (v 17-21).  Concluding with this thought, everyone has trials that they do not understand and situations that they do not want to be in, therefore we need to adjust (reset) how we think on things and trust in God.

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The Pursuit Part 2

Cop Car_300Mankind has created multiple methods to help describe mankind.  Of all the devices, I like to use three versions: 1) 5 Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman.  Mr. Chapman makes a case for people feeling love in five ways: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. 2) Personality traits from ancient Greeks to modern Greeks (and others).  I prefer the D.I.S.C. method  from Positive Personality Insights by Robert A. Rohm Ph.D. 3) Seven motivational gifts listed in Romans 12; prophesy, service, teaching, exhortation, giving, administration, and mercy.

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The Pursuit Part 1

ICop Car_300n 1965, Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders had a hit song called “Game of Love”.  After a soulful instrumental intro, the verse began with

“The purpose of a man is to love a woman,
And the purpose of a woman is to love a man,
So come on baby let’s start today, come on baby let’s play
The game of love, love, la la la la la love…”

it went on for a couple of minutes with words to encourage the lady to “play the game of love.”

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