Keith Green – There Is A Redeemer

Keith GreenHave you heard of Keith Green?  I was reminded of him yesterday morning, as we sang “There Is A Redeemer” in our church services.  I first heard him in 1978 or 1979, after I became a Christian.  He was interesting to me because his lyrics were radical and challenging to the norm.  He made you think and encouraged you to be committed to Jesus Christ.  I liked his music.

He was from Brooklyn, New York.  He began singing very early and by the age of 15 had a record deal with Decca Records.  They had problems in promoting a 15 year old singer.  He was raised Jewish, but he read the New Testament.  When he was 21, he became a Christian and his life changed radically.

He died in a plane crash when he was 28 years old.  He had seven years of ministry that is still being remembered thirty years later.  It’s amazing the impact he had.  His desire was to tell people about Jesus.  I would encourage you to read his entire biography.

What’s your thoughts?


I Miss My Time With You

stock-photos-sunset.300I have been busy lately.  The Lord has blessed our company with several opportunities to quote projects.  I’ve been doing stuff that takes time but in the big scheme of things is just not that important.  What is important is being close to the Lord and giving time for thought and mediation on His Word.  I have failed in that.  Earlier this week Larnelle Harris’ song “I Miss My Time With You” came to my mind.  The opening lyric says:

“there he was just waiting,
In our old familiar place
an empty spot beside him,
where once I used to wait Continue reading

“To Have And To Hold”

 I,Wedding Day Steve Elkins, take thee,Terrie Baskin, to be my lawfully wedded Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part,”

With fear and trembling, Terrie came to the point that she knew she loved me.  We had been dating for some time and I was a fixture in her home. We were constantly together and it seemed logical and reasonable that Continue reading

Coexist Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the bumper sticker “COEXIST” (Can I Coexist?) .  I examined each symbol in light of my Christian faith and made comments accordingly.  I read this week about some Muslims who apparently could not coexist with an artist.


Maybe I was right?

What’s your thoughts?


A Silent Killer

shhMuch has been written and discussed about social media and technology; some praise, others vilify.  I think, used properly, it has its place and enhances our abilities to learn and be involved, technically, with others.  I joined Facebook in July, 2014 because I felt isolated from what others were experiencing and felt muted while I heard others discussing things online about things online.

I have two prescriptions to help me medically; one is for blood pressure and the other is my chemo pill.  With my medication, the drug store adds a bulletin that describes possible side effects my medicine could cause in my body.  The intent of the medicine is to help me, but in helping me, it could cause a secondary problem.

I think with the technology we have available to us, there is a side effect Continue reading