Things I Don’t Understand…Other Drivers

driving-crazyI drive about four hundred miles a week.  Certainly not a long-haul, cross country truck driver type of log, but enough that I have seen a few cars go by my windows and given the fact that I have been driving for close to fifty years, should establish that I am not a novice driver.

Every morning I pray for safety as I travel for the day.  Why?  Because the Lord and I both know there are some crazy driver’s out there.  You may be one of them or know of others who evoke an emotion from within you that at the very least, leaves you puzzled.

For the sake of clarification, let me explain some terms so that we are all on the same page.  Since I travel Interstate 35 on most days, I will use it as a standard.  In most places, it has three Northbound lanes and three Southbound lanes with a concrete or cable divider at the center.  The lane closest to the divider is Lane #1.  The lane in the middle is Lane #2.  The outside lane is Lane #3.  Ready? Let’s begin.

The number one driver I don’t understand is the guy who drives in Lane #1, driving at the speed limit or below the speed limit, and who refuses to move to the right, which would allow faster driver’s to keep moving and avoid congestion.  Take a shovel and hit me in the side of my head!   He thinks he is leading a parade with a half mile of cars following and all are fat and happy with his leadership!  I get a low level of road rage for this type of driver.  Sometimes I wish I was driving a vehicle from the movie “Mad Max”, something with a push bar or cow catcher.  I would not be opposed to easing him into a wall or off the roadway, as a service to my fellow drivers, of course.

Speaking of putting someone in the wall, I don’t understand the NASCAR wannabe who thinks “drafting” me is going to be a benefit to him.  One morning, I saw a guy sling himself from the #3 lane to the #1 lane, pass one car, then slings himself from #1 to #3, pass a car, and then do it all over again, all within a two block distance.  I’m not sure if it was “Highway Tetra” or NASCAR, but either way, I wasn’t embracing him internally.

I don’t understand the guy who will pass me only to exit immediately.  I’m in Lane #3, he comes from Lane #1 or #2, barely missing my front end to make the exit.  What did it cost him, maybe 2 or 3 seconds that he couldn’t stay behind me for 150 feet?  I think it cost me 2 or 3 years off my life.

I don’t understand the driver who is going for a Sunday afternoon drive during rush hour.  He is oblivious to all other drivers, just moping along had his own pace, maintaining a minimum of a half mile space between cars.    I remember as a boy, folks in Texas, would pull over on the shoulder to allow cars to pass, if they were not in a hurry.  Maybe this guy could pull over to a side street.

I have to mention the cell phone user and the driver who is texting, I recall a time when I was driving my 82′ Buick Riviera and about to exit from the interstate.  A woman was exiting in front of me and she suddenly stops her car completely, on the exit ramp, causing me to hit the brakes and slide by her to the right.  She then gets back on the interstate from the exit ramp.  She was on a cell phone.  I have seen other drivers jerking from lane to lane, speeding up and slowing down, because they were texting.

I don’t understand the guy who has his left turn signal on for 10 miles or so.  Doesn’t he ever look at his dashboard?  Do they not hear the clicking sound?

I don’t understand the driver who doesn’t pay attention to the left turn lane light.  If you are first in line, I believe you have a responsibility to the rest of us behind you to go when the light turns green.  Number 4 has a responsibility to Number 7 and 8 to keep moving, so we can all make it through.  On the other side of the intersection, I don’t understand the guy who thinks he can still make it through, after the light has turned red.  Who does he think he is?

Lastly, I don’t understand the elitist driver, the guy who sees all the road signs that show a lane is closed ahead and yet, he thinks he is special!!  He can’t be held back with the common folk, so he stays in the lane that is closing, beyond the warning signs that say, “state law – merge now”, to force his way in at the last moment.  If they have an out of state tag, I will give them an “in”, but for the guy who travels the road every day; no, he gets not breaks from me.  He probably double parks as well.

I’m  sure I have left out some who you may not understand.  What’s your thoughts?

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