Wrong Number, MORON!

When I got home this evening, Terrie greeted me with, “I’ve got a wrong numbersituation with my phone.”  My first thought was “Oh No! I hope ‘Candy Crush Saga’ hasn’t crashed again.”  She said some guy had been calling her and cussing at her.  She tried to tell him he had a wrong number and then she hung up on him.  He called back and she ignored it.  That’s when he started sending her text messages.

She was handing me her phone when another text message came.  Some guy was calling my ‘Precious’ every name in the book, and I didn’t like it!!  He had sent five or six messages before wanting to know why she was sleeping with his boyfriend.  Now, I may be getting to old for the thoughts I had, but had I been able to locate the guy, I believe he would have been about six inches shorter, because I would have changed his anatomy, one way or another!

I responded to his text with my text saying, “You have a wrong number, Moron!  If you text again, I will call the phone company and the police.”  He responded with he didn’t care who I called, why was I sleeping with his boyfriend? (Expletives omitted).  I thought to myself, truly this man is a real moron and an idiot.  His phone number was at the top of the message center and he is too stupid to realize he has a wrong number!

So, I called the police and explained some guy was sending vulgar messages to my wife.  They took my phone number and said an officer would call me back.

While I am waiting for the police to call back, I decided to call this man.  He answers and I ask him if he was sending the text and he said he was and wanted to know why I was sleeping with his boyfriend.  I told him he had a wrong number and not to contact us again.  He said he had the right number because his boyfriend gave him that number.  Gosh, he really is a moron!  He doesn’t realize a mistake had been made and he wanted to believe his cheating boyfriend!  I told him again not to call or I would call the police.  He still didn’t care.  I could call whoever I wanted too. He then wanted me to call his boyfriend and tell him that he gave a wrong number.  I said I didn’t care about him or his boyfriend and I was not going to call him and I hung up.

The police officer called back and said the best thing to do was to block the caller and if that didn’t work to call them again.  I looked up how to block a caller and text messages and this is what I found:

  1. In the Messages app:
    1. Tap the message from the individual you want to block.
    2. Tap Contact in the upper right.
    3. Tap the Info button, directly under the Done button. …
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the card and tap Block this Caller.
    5. Tap Block Contact.

I did that and erased his messages and his phone number from her phone.  I then prayed for Terrie and went to church.

Before prayer time, Pastor talked about the little daily things that we should be grateful for, but we sometimes overlook.  Some answered air conditioning, others a good home, I was thinking how much I enjoyed a hot shower and then the realization that what I appreciate in my home is a peaceful atmosphere.  That was not the case when I was living in my parent’s home.  But it has been since Terrie and I became Christians.

And then I thought about the moron!  He didn’t have the peace that I get to experience every day.  He did not enjoy the love and trust and peace that the Lord has blessed our home with.  And that was a sad thought for me.  So I prayed for the unhappy, turbulent man in a bad situation.  I prayed he would come to know the Prince of Peace.  Because before Christ saved me, I too, was an unhappy, turbulent man in a bad situation.  It was a different situation, but one which manifested itself in the same way – RAGE!

So this story was written for two primary purposes.  One, to instruct in how to block a unwelcome ‘texter’ and two, to ask you to pray for the guy with the wrong number.

Think about it.

2 thoughts on “Wrong Number, MORON!

    • Thank you. Hopefully, given time, we all could think about things,from a point of view,that would glorify our Lord. I get into so much trouble when I only think as a man and not as a bond slave of Christ.


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