Who Do I Think I Am?

Ishadow have thought the names that fighters and others give themselves are amusing.  Names like Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns, “Iron” Mike Tyson, Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield are just a few of many.

I have been called by many names overthe years.  Mr. Elkins, Stevie, and Brother Steve are the most common.  My big brother calls me “Peeps”.  From that name, my wife came up with a variation of “Peety”.  So I began to imagine what my name might be if I lived in a different culture or if I were in a different race.  Here are some thoughts of who do I think I am?

I think my black name would be Tyrone.  I would call myself “Sweet Tea”

If I were a Native American, I would call myself “Little Paws” to make fun of my big hands.

If I were in the Mafia, I would be Don “The Forehead” Stefano

If I were Russian, I would want to be Boris Badinoff

If I were a Redneck, I’d be Bo Skeeter

If I were a cartoon character, I would be Brutus from Popeye

If I were Spanish, I would be Esteban El Toro

If I were Japanese, I would be Stevie “Stinky” Maru

You may have other names for me, but there is only one name that I really want to live up to, and that name is


What’s your thoughts?

What's Your Thoughts?

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