Things I Don’t Understand…Guys Who…

toilet paper rolldon’t seem to know how to live with or are backward’s when it comes to living with other people.  How can a man who is intelligent enough to gain employment not know how to change an empty toilet roll?

I work for a small company.  We do not have a full-time janitorial service.  We do have a company come in on the weekends to empty the trash, clean the floors and the restrooms.  It seems fairly obvious to me, that throughout the week, if a roll of toilet paper is emptied, it should be changed with a new one.  It’s not like they have to waddle down the hall, with their pant’s around their ankles, to get a new roll.  It’s kept just under the sink, less than 18″ from where they are sitting.

Just a little sense of adventure and curiosity to open a vanity door and look under the sink would lead them to a treasure trove of paper goods.

These same guys will leave a quarter of a paper towel on the otherwise empty roll so that they don’t have to be involved.  What, are the under the fugitive protective program and are afraid to leave their fingerprints on a paper roll?

They will leave just a little tiny bit of coffee in the coffee pot and not turn the machine off.  It is out of the question that they empty the pot and clean it or make a new pot of coffee.  Now I don’t drink coffee, so I’m not all that upset about that, but it’s the principle.

We will have a box lunch in-house sometimes and they can’t seem to bring themselves to throwing away an empty box.  How hard is that?

I was going to get some ice out of the freezer one afternoon.  I opened the freezer door and saw eight ice trays.  Seven and a half ice trays were empty!!  I am not exaggerating…seven completely empty and one with half a tray of ice.

My question is this.  Who do they think will change the paper products, clean the table, fill the ice tray, refill the soap dispenser?  Do they think Ernie and other Keebler elves are going to come in during the night and make things right? I can only assume they are negligent at home as well.

Mother’s and wives, please teach them how to clean up after themselves.  I promise, they will not lose their man card by putting on a new roll of toilet paper.

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