Beyond Disappointment

I have not been able to leave this thought for a couple of days now.  I was reading George Mueller’s boGeorge-Muller-Bristolok, “Answers To Prayers” and I came across this paragraph:

“Sept. 21, 1840, Monday. By what was in hand for the Orphans, and by what had come in yesterday, the need of today is more than supplied, as there is enough for tomorrow also. Today a brother from the neighbourhood of London gave me £10, to be laid out as it might be most needed. As we have been praying many days for the School, Bible, and Missionary Funds, I took it all for them. This brother knew nothing about our work, when he came three days since to Bristol. Thus the Lord, to show His continued care over us, raises up new helpers. They that trust in the Lord shall never be confounded! Some who helped for a while may fall asleep in Jesus; others may grow cold in the service of the Lord; others may be as desirous as ever to help, but have no longer the means; others may have both a willing heart to help, and have also the means, but may see it the Lord’s will to lay them out in another way and thus, from one cause or another, were we to lean upon man, we should surely be confounded; but in leaning upon the living God alone, we are BEYOND disappointment, and BEYOND being forsaken because of death, or want of means, or want of love, or because of the claims of other work. How precious to have learned in any measure to stand with God alone in the world, and yet to be happy, and to know that surely no good thing shall be withheld from us whilst we walk uprightly!”

George Mueller was a man of faith!  He believed God was and  is able to furnish all our needs.  His approach was to pray and ask God to provide for the need without telling everyone else about the need.  You may think that’s great for Mueller and his wife, but if you know about George Mueller, he started and operated orphanages in Bristol England at the time of his writing.  He had faith for many, many children and their care givers .  He sought God about their housing, their clothing, their food, and he even asked God to send them children to take care of .  He cataloged over 10,000 answers to prayer.

The words I have placed in bold fonts spoke to me.  Why did they?  Because I am to quick to tell some else about my need; many times telling someone before I would even pray about it.  Mueller did not want to share God’s glory with anyone who may have helped out in want of recognition.  If the orphanage was of God, God would take care of it.  Are we able to transfer that thought to our need?  If it is truly a need (versus a want or desire) will God not provide for His children?  The Psalmist said he has never seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread.

Why do we place our trust in what ‘man’ can do?  We will buy something if the payments are low enough.  We will buy something on a credit card to get it now, we may date or marry someone out of fear of being alone, but rarely will we wait on the Lord to answer our prayer.  Is it a lack of faith in God’s provision?  Mueller said we would be disappointed when we lean on ourselves.

But by leaning on the living God alone, then we are never disappointed! We are recipients of the blessings of Heaven!  Please read those words of encouragement from Mueller again.  “to stand with God alone in the world, and yet to be happy, and to know that surely no good thing shall be withheld from us whilst we walk uprightly!”

I don’t know what your burden or worry may be tonight, but will you pray and ask God for your answer through Him.  Will you wait for his answer, in confidence, knowing He cares for you?

I feel like I have written what God had on my heart.  Perhaps it was just for me, but maybe it was for you too.  The old hymn says we are to “trust and obey”.  There really is “no other way”!

Think about it.

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