Have I Said “Thank You” Lately?

bear_hugs_300With this update, I wanted to say, “THANK YOU!!”to all of you who have shown interest in my blog.

This blog has allowed me to express myself through writing the things that I think about.  Through the telling of my stories, I hope you have been informed by my stories; that you have felt a range of emotions; that you have seen things, perhaps from a different perspective, but above all that you may have seen that the Lord has been kind to me by loving me and though imperfect, I love Him because He first loved me.

I’ve learned some of the blogging business in the last few months.  Some of the information was helpful and some of it was not what I was interested in.  For example, the experts tell bloggers to connect with other bloggers by liking their blogs and thereby growing your follower base.  I’m not interested in that.  I’m interested in people getting to know me and who enjoy what they are reading.  I have enjoyed reading some fellow Christian bloggers and I am willing to support them and their efforts.  It is interesting to me to have a blogger from the other side of the world read something I’ve written in the hope that a Gospel seed was planted.

I’ve learned that there are good times and bad times to release a post.  Mornings and weekends are not very good because they get buried in the recipe and political post on Facebook.  By the way, most of my contacts come through Facebook and from Googling.   The most successful times to release is after 7:00 pm.  For the blogger, success of a post is measured in “reach” and “clicks”.   “Reach” is like getting someone in your store.  “Clicks” is when someone actually clicks the link to read the post, is like someone “buying” something.  If someone hits “Like” or leave a comment, it is like chocolate icing on the chocolate cake.

I wanted to mention a few posts that for whatever reason received a low number of clicks.  Some of these were longer in length, but I felt they were important to discuss.  May I recommend that you read “The Tipping of America”, “A Frayed Society” and “The Early Years Part 1”.  There are some that mean something to me emotionally.  Of those I would recommend “Waiting By The Pool” and “And To Walk Humbly With Your God”.

I have learned “Words of Affirmation” is one of my love languages.  I enjoy your comments.  I probably shouldn’t write this, but there are some of you that I wait with anticipation for a word from you, to see if you like it.  But the one I want most to be pleased is the Lord.  If He is pleased then I am successful.

Thank you again and remember you don’t have to be on Facebook to read my blog.

3 thoughts on “Have I Said “Thank You” Lately?

  1. Hi Steve, I’m just sending a dollop of frosting for your cake. I really do enjoy your writing. Thanks for directing me to some of the posts that you most want people to read. I will make sure that I read those. Looking forward to it.


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