Just Remembering…

It was in August of 2013 that I was having a followup CT scan to check my jaw for any returning oral cancer.  I had major surgery in November of 2010 to remove a tumor that was located between my tongue and my jawbone.  It ended up being a twenty hour surgery, but I will tell you about it later.

The CT scan was targeted to go from the top Continue reading

“More Than Kind”

Kindness_300In Wayne Watson’s song “The Class of ‘95”, he writes, “God has surely been most faithful.  He’s been so much more than kind.”  I have said that God has been kind to me, especially since 2006 when I discovered I had oral cancer for the first time.

I appreciate kindness and I especially appreciate God’s kindness to me.  Kindness has been defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, Continue reading

The Morning Sun

morning-sun-riseOne of my morning rituals is to stop at the Sonic Drive-in that is close to my work to get breakfast or a drink.  I always get a large sweet tea because it is only a dollar.  I use the drive-thru window and by using the window my van is turned facing east.

I was there about 7:20; the sun was above the horizon at a point to where I was looking directly at it.  I have trained myself not to say, Continue reading

Welcome to Please Ma’am

Wwelcome-mat_300elcome to those who are coming from Fellowship of Christian Bloggers or from Faithful Bloggers.  I’m glad your here.  I have been blogging for a year and I have enjoyed expressing myself through writing and how my life’s experiences have helped me become the man God wants me to be.  I am the recipient of God’s grace and mercy .

I hope you will visit often to discuss issues with me and to see what the Lord is doing in my life.

I would invite you to look through the archive and catch up.  You may find we have a lot in common!

A Proper Disagreement

Mdebatey sister and I are close.  She is eighteen months younger than I am and because we moved so much when we were growing up, she was my constant companion for play and adventure.  I love her dearly.

Politically, we are at opposite ends of the stick.  She is liberal and I am conservative.

We have always tried to not aggravate one another by not talking politics.  During the Reagan-Bush years, she would try to remain silent.  During the Clinton-Obama years, I have tried to remain silent.  We have tried to respect each others preferences.

I have written on more than one occasion, about a lack of respect between fellow Americans on different sides of an issue.  I have contended that we may have differing opinions, but we don’t have to hate one another in the process.

Today, Brenda and I had an occasion to disagree.  Our cousin, David Elkins, shared a link from The Blaze about Judge Scalia’s dissenting opinions (12 Must-Read Quotes From Scalia’s.) [note: title shortened for clarity].  Brenda commented and I had a need to respond to her.  Here is the exchange:

Brenda – So, the Supreme Court decisions are ok as long as it agrees with Scalia’s openings.  The Supreme Court is valid as long as it rules the way Scalia’s wants it to rule.

Steve – Our country is split over the same sex marriage issue.  Some are pro.  Some don’t care.  Some are opposed.  Many of those who are opposed are opposed for religious beliefs.  It’s not out of hate for homosexuals, but it’s out of love for Gods Word.  It was a 5-4 decision.  Regardless of who had the majority, there would be opposition.  Scalia does make valid points when addressing the bigger issue of how our government is running.  SCOTUS is not to legislate from the bench.  When the rules of law are overlooked, when laws are ignored by elected officials,  America as we have known it will collapse.  Christianity is under attack in our land.  There is an intolerance of the Christian point of view.  The Bible says Christians add flavor to society.  When that flavor is removed, society is without use.  I love you, my sister, but I respectfully disagree with your point of view.                          

Brenda – I love you, too, and I disagree that Chrisianity is under attack.  Just because some Christian beliefs are disagreed with doesn’t mean it’s under attack.

Here is what I appreciated about this:

First, I think we both took time to listen to what was being said.  Second,  I think respect was shown on both sides.  Third, we probably didn’t change the others mind on the subject, but the door was left open for further discussion.

Our country needs some problems solved.  The current method of power grabs and how the Democratic’s or Republicans look may be what those in D.C. want, but its not helping those in the rest of the country.  We must become united again!

Thank you, little sister, for showing your side how it should be done.  I hope the same could be said for my side.

What’s your thoughts?

In Support Of The Blue

I hpolice badgeave admired police officers since I was a small boy.  My adult cousin Jeri married a Kern County Deputy Sheriff.  I wrote about John G in one of my early stories (Wood’s Addition Part 2).   I guess I have always been a “law and order” type of guy, except for my speeding.

This summer’s outbreak on police officer’s lives is very disturbing to me.  The idea of a growing number of fellow Americans, protesting and chanting for all police officer’s to be killed is alarming. Continue reading

The Early Years Part 3

Terrie Eureka_300As I began my career as a draftsman, I was learning my trade and I was learning more  about people.  The new office environment was certainly different from working in a noisy, doors-opened shop.  Hammers banging, grinders shooting sparks across the work area, radios playing, guys talking loudly.

The office was more sophisticated, more refined.  People would politely smile as you Continue reading