In Support Of The Blue

I hpolice badgeave admired police officers since I was a small boy.  My adult cousin Jeri married a Kern County Deputy Sheriff.  I wrote about John G in one of my early stories (Wood’s Addition Part 2).   I guess I have always been a “law and order” type of guy, except for my speeding.

This summer’s outbreak on police officer’s lives is very disturbing to me.  The idea of a growing number of fellow Americans, protesting and chanting for all police officer’s to be killed is alarming.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page (  Fourteen police officer’s died in the month of August alone.  Eighty-Three for the entire year, thus far.

What would become of our nation if these protesters got there wish?  We got a glimpse of what would happen in Baltimore when protesters were giving space to “vent”.  The city was set on fire.  The murder rate rose dramatically!

Who will be next?  Firefighters?  Teachers?  Bus Drivers?  Anyone with any authority?

This action is endangering the structure of our society.  When laws are disobeyed and those with influence are allowed to choose if they obey the laws,  we will not survive!  When every ones does what was right in their own eyes (Judges 17:6), we will not survive!

I hate seeing America decline.  I hate that we do not respect all lives.  When America turned her back on God, she was open to His judgement.  I believe we are seeing God’s judgement on America.  Our hope can only be in Jesus Christ.  Renewing our hearts and following His word would change America.

If you know a police officer, please tell them you appreciate what they do and that you are praying for their safety and for America.

What’s your thoughts?

What's Your Thoughts?

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