The Morning Sun

morning-sun-riseOne of my morning rituals is to stop at the Sonic Drive-in that is close to my work to get breakfast or a drink.  I always get a large sweet tea because it is only a dollar.  I use the drive-thru window and by using the window my van is turned facing east.

I was there about 7:20; the sun was above the horizon at a point to where I was looking directly at it.  I have trained myself not to say, “Boy, that sun is sure bright!”  Instead, I say, “Boy that sun is sure blinding!”  The sun is always bright.  This morning it was not too blinding because I could look at it, seeing its outline.  Pulling my focus back, I noticed the color of the sky, the white clouds, the trees swaying in the southern breeze, the leaves twisting to show the dark side and the light side of the leaf.

I then refocused on the sun, the center of our solar system, and wondered how many people since Adam have done the same thing that I was doing.  I was amazed that I could clearly see the very center of our solar system.  Would I be wrong to surmise that we have all looked and found it fascinating?

I received my drink and continued to work.  During the day, my mind went back to the thought of the center of the solar system and to think about the order of the solar system.  Every planet holds its position at a certain distance from the sun every day.  The Book of Genesis tells us that the Lord spoke and the stars were placed.  The planets have faithfully rotated around the sun, since God created them.

I believe included in our physical solar system, that there is another solar system, a spiritual solar system.  Jesus Christ, the Father’s only begotten Son is the center of the solar system and the universe.  Around Him, the things of our lives are to rotate.  We are to be Christ-centric.  People and ‘things’ will move in and out of orbit around us, but Jesus…Jesus is to always be at the center of our lives.  The Bible clearly shows Him to be the Son.  His birth is at the center of time.  He knows the beginning from the end.  He knows about you and your life (Psalm 139).

What is the center of your solar system?  Maybe it’s your family or your job.  Maybe it’s you.  Everything must revolve around you.  Would you examine your priorities?  I can tell you from experience when Jesus is what you focus on, all the others things will fall into its proper orbit and will be taken care of.

Perhaps you are not a Christian, but would like to become one.  There is a page on this blog called “How to become a Christian?”  It will give you scriptures to guide you.  Perhaps you are a Christian, but are feeling lonely or away from God.  There is a page on this blog called “An Intimate Relationship”, that is what God wants to have with you.  This page is Psalm 139.  It is very revealing.

Maybe tomorrow morning, you will be reminded of this post and believe I was telling you the truth, that Jesus Christ needs to be the center of your solar system.  Will you trust Him?

What’s your thoughts?

What's Your Thoughts?

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