Things I Learned At Walmart #2

walmart-logoThings I learned at Walmart today…

  1. Short & wide people should not wear cargo shorts when the bottom of the pants are a about 6″ off the ground. It does not enhance their body image, at all.
  2. Yoga pants can show cellulite
  3. Tattoos are still very popular
  4. Mommy jeans are still worn by some
  5. There a number of people who walk by the shopping carts and have to return to get one. What were they thinking, “Hey, I can carry all that stuff, but what if I get a text message?”
  6. I didn’t realize there were as many short people in our world
  7. Some people try to look presentable, others don’t
  8. Some women have really big feet, that are dry and cracked.  Lotions are located in the pharmacy area.
  9. 99.3% of women do not look good in asymmetrical cut clothing.
  10. Walmart would be a good source for movie character actors
  11. Central American men walking on their tiptoes are interesting
  12. Is it to early in the season for Ugg boots?
  13. What can be done for fat back cleavage?
  14. I thought I saw Gailard Sartain’s cousin wearing a green tee shirt, green camo cargo shorts and bright blue athletic shoes.
  15. I think I will try to invent a electronic body sanitizer for people walking in the front door.
  16. I think the people walking around talking to themselves are crazy, some of them say they are on the phone, but I don’t they have accepted their problem yet.
  17. And finally, the answer is “No” from the Walmart associate when you ask them to pile all the chocolate they have on you as you lay on the floor. Apparently, you must buy it all before those arrangements may be made.

(originally posted on my Facebook timeline 10.17.15)

Things I Learned At Walmart #1

walmart-logoThings I learned at Walmart today…

  1. A lot of women have very poor taste in clothing
  2. There are a lot of people who walk with a limp
  3.  It must be okay not to shave before going into the store (Male or Female)
  4.  You would think even kids would know not to lay on their floor
  5.  Their restrooms are horrid
  6.  Some parents allow their children to get haircuts that make them look like idiots
  7.  Sure a lot of tattoos
  8.  Sure a lot of cleavage
  9.  Small Asian men look funny in pink hats
  10.  Kids in shopping carts are essential (it keeps them off the floor)
  11.  Sure a lot of NASCAR fans shop there
  12.  Not all guys look good with facial hair
  13. Those who dress decently stand out
  14. Old bald men with long hair on the sides, look like they live under a bridge
  15. Yoga pants should be outlawed on anyone 10 lbs overweight
  16. Yoga pants can cause some other men to have sinful thoughts
  17.  Walmart employee’s look tired
  18.  Not everyone in there is clean, be careful!
  19.  Make up could help a lot of women
  20.  I don’t care for male cashiers having their fingernails painted green
  21.  Few people pay with cash
  22.  Looking at a pallet full of chocolate is not healthy for you after thirty minutes
  23. People would fight over getting a electric cart that is charged up
  24. and finally, GOD CREATED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!!!

(originally posted on my Facebook timeline 2.21.15)

The Power Of Faith

havingfaith_300Jesus and his disciples were traveling to Galilee.  They grew tired and stopped at Jacob’s well in the Samaritan town of Sychar to rest.  His disciples left him to go into town to find food.  While he was alone, a Samaritan woman came to the well to get water.  He gave her “living water” so that she would not thirst again.  She left her jar and went back to town to tell everyone about Jesus.  As a result of her testimony the scriptures says that many from that town believed in Jesus.

So with that background, we pick up Continue reading

A Look At The Beginning

us kids thenI just got back from a funeral.  My cousin Janet passed away from breast cancer.  My memories of her always make me smile as I think of her smile and her laugh .

Aunt Audine (Audie) was my mother’s younger sister.  Audie’s daughters were more like sisters than cousins to us.  The birth order for us was Larry, Diane, Steve, Brenda, Janet.  Auddie had remarried sometime before this picture was made and so her last name changed.  One Sunday, Janet went to Sunday school with us and when asked her name, she proudly said her name was “Janet Lynn Moody Moore Elkins.”  She got a little confused, but she knew she was part of our family as well. Continue reading

The Power To Change

Twaterpots.300he Gospel of John is different from the three synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) in that it had a different audience for whom it was written.  John’s audience was for all mankind; to the believer and the unbeliever alike.  John’s purpose is stated in John 20:31″ 31 but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ Continue reading

Disappointments of Blogging

DisappointmentAnyone who knows me knows that I like to research all things that I become involved with.  Such is the case, when I was encouraged to begin writing.  I researched the blog sites, themes, how to edit photos, excreta.   There were an abundance of opinions.

I started with a Facebook community page.  It provided a link with my Facebook friends, but it still wasn’t what I envisioned to display my thoughts.  After spending some time putting down my thoughts and posting it, it would get lost between a pie recipe and Continue reading