Disappointments of Blogging

DisappointmentAnyone who knows me knows that I like to research all things that I become involved with.  Such is the case, when I was encouraged to begin writing.  I researched the blog sites, themes, how to edit photos, excreta.   There were an abundance of opinions.

I started with a Facebook community page.  It provided a link with my Facebook friends, but it still wasn’t what I envisioned to display my thoughts.  After spending some time putting down my thoughts and posting it, it would get lost between a pie recipe and a cat video.

So just over a year ago, I started my blog.  I had control over style and content and release scheduling.  It was just as I had envisioned.  I was proud of my site.

I have specific purposes for why I write.  I have specific fields to sow, to water and care for.  I have never thought that I was needed to offer my opinions or viewpoint.  I was told once, that we all have some level of influence.  Some have a great audience.  Some have a very much smaller audience.  I desire to please my Lord with my writings.  I want to tell others what He has done in my life and use what influence I have to point my readers to Jesus Christ.

With that said, I become disappointed at times when I fail to reach people.  I’m just trying to be truthful and open with you.  When you write something that begins with a small thought and as you write, God takes over (guides your thoughts) and it becomes something much more than you originally thought it would be, I think “boy, I would like everybody to read this!”  And when I publish it there are few readers, I question if I should continue.

I looked to the internet for advice.   It will tell you people do not want to read anything over 500 words, or you must have 5 ways to reach an audience.  You have to boost your post by paying someone to sponsor your post.  You must have one or two sentence paragraphs; nothing too long that would cause someone to have to focus or too think or touch them emotionally.  The majority says, “You must promote yourself!”

But I’m not a self-promoter; if I have placed my trust about my writing, in the Lord, He will promote me.

So I have asked myself some questions that you might answer.  If someone has said they would like to follow my writing, what are my expectations of those people?  Well, I would like to see everyone read and respond, but being a reasonable man, I know that will not happen.  A benefit of blogging is that someone who has been away for a while can catch up in just a short time.  But the fear is that they will forget about you or lose interest.  Other questions would be, have they grown tired of my stories?  Have I become dull?  Has my “fifteen minutes” expired and it’s time to hang it up?

I have stopped asking my friends if they have read my latest stories.  I don’t want to embarrass them or have them feel compelled to say, “Oh, I need to catch up!”  I don’t want sympathy readers, I want to stimulate conversation and exchange thoughts.  But perhaps that can’t be done now; has that time ended?  Perhaps people have become accustomed to limiting their attention to 140 characters or less or feel they must express hatred, in lieu of speaking with civility and respect.

Another thing I thought about was how does the time of year effect readership?  It’s hard to compete with vacations, football, basketball, and family time.  I figured out my optimum window for maximum readers would be the last three days of February, if they were not on a weekend.

So is it time to stop writing because of my perceived low readership numbers?  No, I write to glorify the one who saved me.  And there is no telling what He can do in a heart that I may have touched.  They may go on to reach thousands and thousands of people who needed to hear about Jesus.   That would be my prayer.

What's Your Thoughts?

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