“Her” Children Shall Rise Up – Part 2


Tara Van Hauen – When you’re a little kid and your whole life changes, those few things that stay constant are things you never forget, that make the biggest impact, and that you cherish forever.  For me, one of those constants is Steve and Terrie Elkins.  They have been there since I was born…and oh the stories they can tell!  “Miss” Terrie’s favorite about her and I was probably the time she was babysitting me when I was a very little girl and what happened to my Granny’s white rugs (that’s all I’m saying).  They have loved my family, fought for us, protected us, been right there with us through it all….constant.  Today, Miss Terrie went to be with Jesus.  I will miss her smiles, her wit, Continue reading

“Her” Children Shall Rise Up – Part 1

IHerChildren love this photo of Terrie!  She is wearing some goofy, oversized glasses as she is sitting in her classroom.  To me it symbolizes the type of teacher she was; she was a professional educator who enjoyed her students and would even laugh at herself.

We did not have our own children, but through her students, we were blessed by your children.  I believe her greatest desire in the classroom was to show them God’s love and to give them a godly example for their adult years. Continue reading

Insight To An Incredible Woman Named ‘Precious’

HerTerrie_Headline given name was Teresa Lee Baskin when she was born to Paul and Pat Baskin, October 18, 1949, in Shawnee, OK.  Her family would call her Terrie.

Terrie was always curious and questioning.  She demonstrated artistic abilities at an early age by using her crayons to color the living room walls.

She was always interested in lights and colors from the time she saw the colored fountain lights at OBU as a child.  In recent months I took her to see the colored flashing lights of the Farris wheel at Frontier City.  We sat on the side of the road for twenty minutes as she watched with delight the ever-changing patterns of the wheel, her eyes big and twinkling Continue reading

Why Did I Marry An Artist?

Terrie HoneymoonI have often asked myself why I married an artist.  I could make the case it was the girl that I wanted to marry and the artist was just part of the deal.  And that would be true, but you have heard what people say about artist…well, that they are different!  I prefer to use the word “unique”.

Artists have a different approach to what they do and how they do it.  Some become the character called “artist” and dress, speak and behave in such a way as to fulfill your caricature Continue reading