The Great Common Man

bulldozer_300I have always been impressed by the common man.   The “not a lot of show, but a lot of action” guy.

The guy who goes to work every day;  who is trying to feed his family; pay his bills and who is trying to make life better for his family.    He is not a self-centered, selfish man, but one who will make sacrifices for those he loves and cares for.

He has a love for his country and for his freedom and is willing to fight for what is right and true.

He is no fool.  He may not have a college education but he is intelligent about life and how to get things done.  He has common sense and has God-given wisdom.

I call these folks, “The Great Common Man'”.  There are thousands of them, but they are becoming fewer in number.  I have watched them and have been impressed by them, over the course of my life.  I have seen them in the Western states and in the Southern states, but the epicenter seems to be here, in the Plains states.

I met two of the ‘great’ yesterday.  Brothers who owned a bulldozer service and needed help in modifying a building they bought that hadn’t been erected yet.  It wasn’t exactly what they wanted, but it was what they could afford.  They had dreams of growing their company, but they knew they weren’t there yet

I just liked listening to the way they talked.  They had a slight country accent, typical of many Oklahomans.  They were polite, courteous and respectful with us and with each other.  I liked hearing their thought process.  It was logical and measured.

I have grown tired and impatient with the people who think only of themselves.  Who can not tolerate a differing opinion or thought.  Those who whine and throw tantrums because they did not get their way.  Those who always have the camera pointed at themselves and not toward others.  The “adult-babies” of this world.

As an older man, I was encouraged that there were still young men coming up in our culture with this greatness.  They may never be billionaires or politicians or movie stars.   They may be construction workers, farmers,  nurses, or truck drivers, but that’s not to say they aren’t successful.

They havdor174_175e succeeded at being ‘The Great Common Man’, the type of people who will stabilize and give value and hope to our society.





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