“Her” Children Shall Rise Up – Part 1

IHerChildren love this photo of Terrie!  She is wearing some goofy, oversized glasses as she is sitting in her classroom.  To me it symbolizes the type of teacher she was; she was a professional educator who enjoyed her students and would even laugh at herself.

We did not have our own children, but through her students, we were blessed by your children.  I believe her greatest desire in the classroom was to show them God’s love and to give them a godly example for their adult years.

She did that through a style of teaching that not many possess.  She remembered what it was like being in school without friends or being popular.  She was able to relate to each student.  She was a supporter of parental authority and involvement.  She wanted to work with, not against, each parent.  She wanted to instill knowledge, wisdom, and the
ability to think into each of her students.  She wanted to be a positive influence and help develop these young people into well-established adults.

When Terrie passed away on Monday, I posted about her death on Facebook.  The responses from her students, their parents, fellow teachers, and even young girls in our church, made me so very, very proud of Terrie.  I believe she reached her goal!

Here are their words.  I have only omitted the words of comfort to me from their text:

Dana Snider Traywick – She was so loved by my family!  My heart breaks for you.

 Lisa Jones Russell – Me and my girls loved her so very much.  A favorite teacher for sure.

Debra Fellers – I only knew her for a short while, but I grew to love her quickly.  She just brought fun and humor to our days.  I saw the impact she made on so many children.

Lori Sanderson – She was a wonderful woman.  I always appreciated her sense of humor on those tough days and her blunt honesty.  She was humble and prayerful all of the days I knew her.  I look forward to rejoicing with her again one day.

Stephanie Moore – Mrs. Elkins has always been one of my favorite teachers.  She was a blessing.

Melinda Banning Smith – She meant so much to me.  She taught me so much my first few years of teaching.  She was a wonderful woman.

Alan Janzen Jr. – I’m so sorry, she was an amazing lady, teacher and friend!  She will be missed!

Dianna Wagner Howard – I have never know a more wonderful woman and friend!  She will be greatly missed.

Levi Jones – She was such a kind person.  She was my favorite teacher of all time.  I remember my nephew and me had no church to go to and Mrs. Elkins and Steve to us both to church and then out to eat.  Lots of memories from 6th grade.  May she rest in peace.

Jan Treat Joule – If you knew her, you loved her…and I did, too!  She showed me great kindnesses & genuine friendship.

Sharon Bell-Grady – Such a precious woman!  She has touched the lives of many & her testimonies/stories will continue.  Loved her very much!

Karen Cruise – Ron and I are stunned.  Terrie Elkins was such an encouragement to both of us in our teaching careers.  Her stories will live on in our hearts till we meet just beyond that river.

Reanonda Williams Miller – She had a great impact on my children just as she did on all her students.  Such a terrible loss for friends and family here, but such a great gain for heaven!

Amanda Miller Gonzales – Today, a special lady who taught an over talkative 3rd grader, went home to be with her Heavenly Father.  Mrs. Elkins was by far one of the hardest, most caring, most influential educators that I have ever known.  I don’t think I ever said thank you for helping me become the person you knew I could be.  Thank you!  Those that knew and loved you covet what the Angels have with them now.

Karen Cruise – Terrie Elkins was more than a mentor, she was a discipler of men, me included.  She laughed every day, though she took the business of sharing the message of the cross very seriously.  Her eyes twinkled when she spoke of her Jesus, and her Steve, who was like Jesus to her!  I know this, she did very well (A+) as a Wife, Leader, Teacher, Friend and sister in Christ.  I feel like when I get there, we will have a sit down over by the tree of life at some point.  She will lay it all out, and cut to the chase, at least one more time!  Love you Terrie.

Erica Smith –  I am heartbroken.  She was such a hilarious person and her smile brighten any room.  The wisdom she had to share was impeccable.  Prayers for all whom she touched and loved.

Rhonda Posey Murillo – Terrie, you started out as my supervisor and then you became my friend.  You told the truth when you spoke.  You would tell people to their face what others would only say behind their back.  You had an enormous heart for people and love for God that was contagious.  Your legacy will go on forever in the lives of all you have touched.  Your love and respect that you had for your husband was so honorable.  He was your very best friend and that was evident.  Your talent in Art was remarkable.  You could’ve taught in any school in the world and made great money, but instead you chose to work in a Christian school.  You gave most of your adult life to that school and the families.  Your reward here on Earth was found in the small notes of love from former students and parents.  Now, you will receive that great heavenly reward that will show you that your work here on Earth wasn’t in vain.  What a lovely reunion you must be having with your family.  I will miss you my dear, sweet friend.  You have changed my and I won’t ever forget you.  I love you, Terrie.

Clinton Bashore –  Just read that Terrie Elkins passed away in her sleep last night.  I will be forever indebted to this woman for instilling discipline in my life.  Thank you for everything.  Enjoy the presence of our saviour.

(continued in Part 2)



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