Have I Lost My Identity?

WhoAmI_300I have been making plans on remodeling my master bedroom and ensuite bathroom.  The shower had been leaking which caused the bathroom flooring to be disgusting.   I was going to do it a year sooner, but it would have caused a great inconvenience for Terrie.  So now there is no excuse and no need to wait.

As I was reviewing the carpet in the bedroom, I decided to replace it with the same material I was going to use in the bathroom, porcelain tile that looks like wood flooring. I talked with the tile guy Continue reading

Am I Denying The Denial?

walking-away-300On Wednesday, I hit an emotional brick wall!  I may have just come out of shock!  I had been feeling pretty good and thought I had been transitioning fairly well.  I knew I was to have “alone time” with the Lord.  Time to learn from Him and to follow the impressions that He has given in my mind and heart.  I understood that and thought it was needed and beneficial.
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A Special Time With Dad

Hdad300ave you ever starting thinking about something and that thought rolled into another thought?  That happened to me, last night before church started.  I was thinking about someone’s father and that caused me to think about my father and a special time that we shared years and years ago.

I was somewhere between ten and twelve years old.  My dad would have been in his early to mid- forties.  We were in Lindsay, Oklahoma and would have been visiting my grandfather, who had a farm, just east of Erin Springs.  The time of the year would have been in the late fall or in the winter, because it was cold. Continue reading

Update 1.2.16

I hnews_headline_300ave been somewhat hesitate to write, because I don’t want to only write about my grief.  There are times for that, but I don’t want a steady diet of it and I don’t think that you, the reader, likes it a whole lot either.  I want to be funny, quite clever and entertaining,  but to be honest, I’m not there right now.  Continue reading