Update 1.2.16

I hnews_headline_300ave been somewhat hesitate to write, because I don’t want to only write about my grief.  There are times for that, but I don’t want a steady diet of it and I don’t think that you, the reader, likes it a whole lot either.  I want to be funny, quite clever and entertaining,  but to be honest, I’m not there right now. 

I do well, when I have things to do, like earning a living, but it’s the after hours that are the hardest for me.  I think that is normal.  I am creating and working on doing some home improvements.  It will add freshness to the house and will keep me out of trouble.

I could get into trouble easily.  I’m a social person, who likes to be around other people.  I would get into trouble if, for example, I went to a dance hall or a casino.  I wouldn’t enjoy those places.  They are not for me.  Unfortunately,  my church isn’t open 24/7.  I would work with children, but I tend to scare the little darlings and their parents.  It’s that protruding forehead thing.   They think I’m angry, even when I ‘m not.

New Year’s Eve was hard for me.  I missed Terrie so much.  I have so many memories of spending New Year’s Eve with her.  I can give thanks for those memories.  So wonderful to have.  I was reminded today, that I had a lot of people praying for me.  I can give thanks for that as well.  The prayers are great, but sometimes you would like to hear them in person.

I wrote on Facebook that twenty sixteen is a big question mark for me.  I have no idea what God is going to do in my life.  I can imagine ups and downs; deserts and oasis.  But is that any different than any other year that I have been alive?  It is always in God’s hands, not mine.

I am optimistic!  I sense God will use me, this year, to encourage someone,  to lead someone to Christ,  or to just follow Him, not knowing where I’m going, but just trusting in Him to get me where I need to be.

Happy New Year to you.  I pray you will walk closer to the Lord than you ever have before!

2 thoughts on “Update 1.2.16

  1. Bro Steve: I awoke quite early this morning, around 2:30-3:00 and when I did not go back to sleep quickly, decided to get on FB. I hadn’t read your latest post (Denial) so I did. Then I caught up with your other posts beginning 1/2/16. Your post regarding New Years Eve brought back flooding memories of the one NYE we spent at your house, a party of not sure what classes, but it happened to by Y2K. We had so much fun that night, and I think part of that was the unknown (you know, year 2000). Now we typically spend NYE with our grandchildren, but I want you to know you have a personal invitation to the Turner NYE events from now on. This most recent, we went bowling and had a great time! And I can see you on those lanes, blowing away the pins! Thank you for the hospitality that you and Terrie always displayed in your home to any and all Gracewayers! Love you brother!



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