The Long Love Affair

It began a long, long time ago.  It had to be sometime between 1956 and 1957 and it started at a corner market located on Main Street in Lamont, California.  I enjoyed
going to that small market with Mom to buy groceries, for a few reasons.

One of the reasons was that the butcher would give me a fresh all-beef Frankfurter from the meat counter.  I would eat the lone Frankfurter as we walked around the market shopping.  Secondly, it was there that Continue reading

The Lunch Pail

lunchpail_300I have fond memories of when I was a boy living in Lamont, California.  I remember the house being dark, early in the morning, except for the kitchen light.  Mom would be up preparing breakfast for my Dad.  She had the coffee started in the aluminum percolator coffee pot.  The brown juice popping into the glass dome, slowly at first and then with greater intensity.  The smell of the strong coffee would begin to wander down the hall toward the bedrooms to let us know Mom was at work.

The single light in the kitchen Continue reading

Update 03.14.16

It news_headline_300was a rough close of the work day.  A co-worker was visiting with another co-worker when I walked into the office.  He was telling him about rules of CPR and that you can’t stop until a medic shows up.  He said “if we were pumping on Steve’s chest, we couldn’t stop!!”

It ripped a hole in my heart.

I had to phone the one co-worker, on the way home, to ask him to tell the other one not to bring that up again, because that’s what I had to do to Terrie. It was too painful to hear.  It was a bad flash back! Continue reading