Having Faith

Having Faith_300 To the faithful reader, I think you would agree that I have faithfully and truthfully written of the emotions that I have experienced on my “highway of grief”.  I have told you when I was hurting, angry, discouraged, and when I was given rest.  All of these things, I chose to give thanks to the Lord, as it was and is part of my healing.

In my last post (Time Out In The Intertropical Convergence Zone), I was in the doldrums and without wind or hope.  Since that writing, I have been trying to discern Continue reading

Time Out In The Intertropical Convergence Zone

Sunfish_300I used to love to swim and water ski.  When Terrie and I were still dating, her dad bought a boat and water skies, so for many weekends of the summer, we would be on the water.  We all would ski, but I got most of the time behind the boat.  I liked to go fast and have the boat turn quickly to whip me out to go even faster.  Occasionally, I would fall or bounce across the top of the water like a flat stone tossed on a pond.

So, loving the water the way I did, it was not unusual for me to want to learn to sail.   I had seen several sailboats on the lake and even small ones called “Sunfish” that the public could rent.  And that is what Continue reading

Update 04.16.16

news_headline_300It has been five months.  Five months since Terrie died and was escorted to heaven.  Five months that on some days seemed very short and some days seem so very long ago.  Five months of trying to reconstruct a life that was similar to what I had before, but without all the pieces.  It is like acting in a play that has had the leading lady ripped from the script, during the play, and the remaining cast has to improvise the balance until the closing curtain.

At five months, I am better in this play, Continue reading

Learning To Be Content – Follow Up


Scalmwater_300_210ince February of this year, the Lord has been working in my mind and heart about pride.  There are two types of pride.  The first is a good pride, like being proud of your children, or in something else.  It is usually something external from you.  The second is bad pride, like being proud of your children because you think they are better than other children.  This is usually started from within you.  Arrogance is associated with this type of pride.  God speaks against this type of pride in the Bible.  I think that I have previously said there are over
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