Purity Of Heart And Mind

snow_300I was spending some time with my brother, last Saturday, when he said to me, “You have always had a good heart.”  I understood what he meant in that my personality is inclined to being sensitive to the needs of others and a desire to help people, but I also had an understanding of what goes on in my heart, which I will call my ‘soul’.

In there, in that place that only I know in part and the Lord knows in whole, is a place of sinfulness.  It is a place that can house goodness and sinfulness, because that is the nature of man.  It started Continue reading

Things I Don’t Understand…Nature’s Ways

Birds2_300I may not understand them, but I marvel at the way God directs His creations.  At His command, a school of fish or a flock of birds, turn in an instantaneous synchronized move
that boggles the mind; hundreds, if not thousands of His creatures, obeying a command from their Creator, in a moment.

I probably need to bring you up to speed as to what and how I am thinking.

Last Saturday, the weather was beautiful, especially after Continue reading