The Simple Things Of Life

birdhouseI was in a conversation with a friend and we were discussing watching a bird in a bird house and the pleasure that they received by watching this simple event.

It reminded me the simple things in life have often given me pleasure as well and I began to think of those things.  Here are a few of Continue reading

Update 06.25.16

news_headline_300As I begin to write, I am listening  to Andrea Bocelli singing on my internet radio.  He is one of many reminders of the things Terrie enjoyed.  Thoughts of her crowd my mind,
especially on Monday’s and on the 23rd of the month, the day and date of her death.  Those thoughts are less painful now.  Most of the time, I can smile without crying, but there are those times, I smile with tears in my eyes.

I said I would give a monthly update for the first year of grieving, in order to help those who have not experienced the death of someone close to them, a spouse or parent or child.  This is the seventh month and it is yet different than the sixth month.  Continue reading

Will This Great Tradition Be Allowed To Continue?

Guard_300I am blessed to have been born and raised in America.  I am blessed to have traveled across this land and to have seen mountains, deserts, rolling plains, delta farmland, and even swamps.  I have seen the busy big cities and the small rural towns with their good days behind them.  I have seen the wealthy and the poor; the powerful and regular working guy.  I have seen the old and the young; those educated and those without schooling.  I have seen those with a dream and those who have lost their dream.  I have seen and listened to the “red and yellow, black and white” and yes, I think they are all precious Continue reading

Wait On The Dream

Istop_300t’s been awhile since I last posted here.  I needed time to process my emotions and where I was with the Lord and to try to get a better idea of where I was in the healing process.

The last post was on the 21st of May.  I was looking with some anxiousness about two dates that were coming up quickly.  Monday, the 23rd marked six months since Terrie died.  Wednesday, the 25th marked what would have been our 42nd wedding anniversary.  Those dates loomed like twin peaks on my horizon.  I had to be able to get past those events and be able to emotionally survive.

In my GriefShare sessions, I was taught to lean into events like this, as one would lean into an ocean wave they knew was coming.  I had a choice to make, I could either give no resistance and be knocked down by an emotional wave of missing her without hope or I could brace myself with anticipation and think on the blessing of having had her in my life for so much of my life.  I choose Continue reading