A New Marriage, A New Beginning

PreciousAlmost a year ago, I was writing about the early years of Terrie’s and my marriage (The Early Years Part 3).   I had described the advances made in my career and how Terrie’s art business began to grow.  I wrote about not having children and how people perceived us as “odd” or “not normal”.  I could agree with the “not normal” because most married people have children, but there is a percentage of married people that God chose not to bless with children.  That is His business and unless He does it, it doesn’t happen.

While we had troubles getting along, we continued with our unstable marriage, not knowing how Continue reading

“83 More Miles With Jesus”

Ttruly-300he sign says “Next Service 83 Miles”.  That’s a long way to walk.  I’ve come a long way, but I know I have a long way to go.  I think most of my days are good, but there are some days that are very hard for me to endure.

I have completed the first cycle of “GriefShare” sessions.  The program was very helpful to me and showed me ways to cope with my grief.  But there is still some healing that must occur before the Lord shows me the next phase of my life.  The program says that next phase is called Continue reading

Without Love

Today, it is certain that in the United States of America, we live in a divided country.  Ccymbals-300x300onservatives verses Liberals; Blacks verses Whites; Straights verses Gays–however you may want to divide it or whichever one you may put first , we are a divided nation.

There has always been divisions and frictions; you get that when you live in the same space with someone else, as in the family household.  But in the family household you are to make allowance for someone else.  You learned to adjust and to tolerate one another.  I don’t see that very much anymore in our society.  The Bible Continue reading