The Lone Crutch

I didlonecrutch-300n’t want to be alone on the evening of day that marked nine months since Terrie died.  As I was driving home, I decided I would eat out, but I was not really hungry for any particular type of food, except I had wanted some chocolate cream pie.  I didn’t want to go to the pie restaurant because I didn’t want their meal before the pie.  So, I stopped at Golden Corral instead.  I know, fine dining at its best, right?

At least, I knew I could get a variety of food types and be able to do some people watching.  I gave them something to gander upon as well.  I chose an out of the way table for two that would give me a good point of observation.

The other table for two had a plate Continue reading

Update 08.23.16

news_headline_300NINE MONTHS

I didn’t entitle my last update, an update, but instead entitled it “83 More Miles With Jesus”.  In that posting, I discussed a storm of loneliness and frustration.  The storm as died down some, but the emotional wind sometimes plays havoc with me.

I’m adjusting to the “New Normal”, which is living with loss.  “New” does not mean better, but it is different.  The pain is not as sharp when you desire to be held or to hold.  I could only assume it a few steps above Continue reading

Can A Man Know Himself?

question markA SELF-ANALYSIS

It started this way, with a text conversation.  Their statement was, “And then there is the aspect of YOU finding out who you are.”  My response was, “Is that possible?  For a simple guy, I think I may be complex!!”

If you Google “Can A Man Know Himself?” you would find quotes and statements from Socrates to Buddha to Nietzsche to almost anyone else wishing to express an opinion.  Here is mine.

Having just turned sixty-five years old, I think Continue reading

A Mysterious Waitress

waitress2_300On Tuesday, my co-worker and I needed to attend a mid-morning meeting at a job site in far western Oklahoma.  We had our meeting and started back to Oklahoma City.  We decided to stop for lunch in Weatherford.  Weatherford is a nice town of just under 12,000 people about midway between the meeting and OKC.  We were not familiar with restaurants in town, but we knew we didn’t want to do a fast food franchise.

So, as we were driving down Main Street, we came to a restaurant that looked like it had been built in the sixties.  It had a few cars, so we passed it by (one of my guidelines is if there are no cars at a restaurant Continue reading

Building A New Life

BuildingYourHouseupontheRockI have a greater appreciation for those whose homes have been lost or destroyed due to fire or natural disasters.  Some homes have had nothing left but the foundation.  Others have had the roof removed or a portion of the framing left standing.  I’m sure there must have been times when the task seems too great, too much to overcome, too discouraging, and yet deep within them, there is a wish to get back to “normal”.

On May 20, 2013, an EF-5 tornado crossed Moore, OK and S. Oklahoma City resulting in 24 lives lost, many left injured and multiple businesses, schools, and homes were completely destroyed or heavily damaged.  It was a horrible event that caused grief and sorrow.  Lives were scarred and changed that day.  Continue reading