The Pharisees Sin

pharisee_crucify_himI have always considered myself a common man.  Just one of the millions that goes to work everyday, pays their bills, and tries to live respectably.  Nothing special, not good looking or athletic or talented.  Just a regular guy.

I have a dislike for those that I have come in contact with who seemed to feel superior to the regular guys.  Now there are those who are good looking or athletic or talented and still are a regular guy, but there are some who come across as self righteous, being defined as having an attitude of being totally correct or morally superior, usually unfounded.

In the Gospels, the Bible speaks of a whole group of religious people called Pharisees, who seemed to me to have had this same attitude of superiority.  And that is what I see and call the Pharisees sin – an attitude of self-righteousness.

It’s be said that the Pharisees seemed to obsessed and centered on their man-made rules about how to live, but Jesus was more concerned with God’s love.  The Pharisees would scorn the sinners, yet Jesus would seek them out.

They didn’t like Jesus and his ways.  He gave grace and mercy to those who needed it badly.  He gave sight to a blind man, but they didn’t like it.  He healed a withered hand, but they didn’t like it,  They brought an adulterous woman to Him, for Him to condemn, but He forgave her, her sin, saying, “Go and sin no more.”  At one point, they, the religious people, decided Jesus had to die, because He showed a better way, God’s way, a loving and kind way to think of others and how to treat others.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For you are like whitwashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleaness.” Matthew 23:27 ESV

So it was quite a blow when I, the common man, realized that I had committed the Pharisees sin.  I had presumed a situation in someone’s heart, that I had no knowledge of what their situation actually was and that I was unable and unqualified to make a determination.  Only God knows the heart, certainly I do not.

I am in a large common group.  God calls that group “sinner’s”.  While my intention was not to hurt, I still sinned and I grieve because I caused hurt and because I didn’t behave the way Jesus would have.

Jesus died for this group called “sinner’s”, because they were unable to repay the sin debt they have with the Heavenly Father.   This sin was paid for by Jesus blood.  But from the human side, don’t be flippant and take lightly that this debt was covered.  Scars are left behind when we are wounded.  As I look at the scars on my body, they remind me of certain events.  Some are small scars and some are quite large, but they are all still scars.

Perhaps this may be a reminder to you in how you see others and how God sees us.  Perhaps you need to reject the Pharisees way and follow the way of Jesus.  What will it be?

My prayer would be “Lord, may I live like jesus and not like the pharisees.  may I give no OCCASION to create scars in the lives of others”

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