Following, Not Fighting – round three

boxing-ring-corner_300I finally gave in to do what my doctor wanted me to do, I consented to have a colonoscopy.

He warned that I was long past the recommended age for having a colonoscopy done, which is 50 years old.  I was then 61.  So an appointment was made and I asked my friend to go with me, since Terrie could not leave her 6th grade class that she taught.

We arrived, the day after a glorious day of cleansing my colon.  If I were the doctor giving the examine, I would insist upon this unpleasant task as well.

Some speak of fighting cancer. I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as just following the Lord. I was following, not fighting. He was doing it all for me.  He was leading me through the cancer.

The joy of returning to the “gown” did not disappoint as I again was unable to tie, snap, or make any resemblance of comfortable modesty.

My time came and I was wheeled to a small area that I thought was a converted broom closet.  It had some stainless steel shelves, a stool for the doctor, and room for the gurney.

I was asked to lay on my side facing away from the doctor.  He instructed the nurse to give me the drug to make me not care.  I had a strange thought – have they closed the door or can anyone walking by see this procedure?  The doctor asked if I could feel something and I said that I could and he told the nurse to give me some more of drug that was to make me not care.

In what seemed like a short time after that, I was in the recovery room and the doctor was telling me and my friend, that he had removed a few polyps, but there was one that he took about 70% of it, but he was unable to get the rest of it and I would need to have surgery to remove the tumor and a small amount of my large intestine.

This was now the third time that I had been diagnosed with cancer.

I wondered why I was having to go through this.  I was active, working, and trying to live in a way that honored God, but yet, I was to go through it again.  Terrie and I prayed and asked the Lord for His kindness and grace to be with us again.

In October of 2013, the surgery was preformed.  Four incisions were made and the surgeon said that she was able to get it all without any intrusion into the rectum area.

Recovery was painful, in that, getting up required that I breathed opposite of normal and having to wait for the digestive system to start working properly again.

I regretted that I was stubborn about not wanting to get the colonoscopy done.  I’m sure if I had been clear of any cancer, I would have been smug and would have said, “I told you so!”  But God has a way of always getting my attention and forcing me to do what he wants me to do or to have the proper attitude or mindset.

Once again, I walked away with the ability to still be able to function, to work, to be able to live a normal life.  But for me, a normal life was one that has had God teach me, and to be patient with me, and to remind me that I was His.

May I urge you to not be stubborn or embarrassed about getting a colonoscopy.  The worst part was the prep and I understand there are better methods than when I had mine done.  So, please have it done for your good health.




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