“83 More Miles With Jesus: The Journey Continues”

Sometimes you think the journey is over, but only to find out the Lord allowed you to have a respite, a time to heal and get stronger.  A time to learn and a time to share.  That’s where I have been for the last six months.  I was in a beautiful oasis.

In July of last year, I wrote 83 More Miles With Jesus. 


In that post, I listed many frustrations and desires.  One of those desires was this:

Again, being honest and open, I would hope at the end of “83 Miles”, to find a woman, for me, who loves the Lord supremely.  A lady, who understands about what being on this road is about; someone, who has a smile that comforts my heart; whose fragrance is pleasing to my nostrils; whose eyes are welcoming to me; someone to help me fulfill my ministry, someone to love me, to laugh with me, to cry with me.  But that may be a mirage, something unattainable.  I don’t have much to offer, only dedication, faithfulness, loyalty and love.  

I thought I had found that lady and I wrote about her in January of this year (A Cautious Look At Love).   We dated for six months, enough time to determine if God was “in it”.  That time as come to an end.

She is still a lovely lady, who is blessed with three beautiful children, a beautiful daughter-in-law and four precious grandchildren.   I would have loved being part of this family.   I still consider this lady a friend, a sister in Christ and I wish her well.  She helped me see things about myself, about the way I lived out my beliefs and a realization of the rich memory I have of being married to Terrie.

But the Bible says, “How can two walk together unless they agree.”  As older adults, we came from different backgrounds and different circumstances.  And some of those things caused us to have a different direction.  Neither of us  were wrong, just different.  I thank the Lord for my time at this oasis.  It blessed me.

So with this experience, I continue my journey, I have been flavored by this lady and perhaps some of me rubbed off on her.

I know the Lord is faithful as I walk with Him.  I don’t think I am limping as badly as before.  It’s time to see what is down the road and waiting on me.



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