You Only Need One

As I have observed families for most of my life, I have come to believe that I have been blessed with the brother and sister the Lord provided for me.

I have heard of siblings actually fighting one another or not liking, much less loving one another, but that has not been our case.  We have not always agreed on specific things, but we have always shown love and respect for one another.

Brenda is one and a half years younger than I am.  She was born in California and has the ways of a Californian.  She is the youngest of our family, the baby.

Mom had envisioned a very feminine roll for my sister.  Mom dressed her in lacey dresses with little white socks and little white shoes.  Brenda would add her own accessories – a two gun holster with chrome western style pop guns.  I think she was more like Mom than Mom wanted her to be.

My relationship with Brenda was different that with Larry.  Since Larry is  almost five years older,  he was out doing things with other kids in the neighborhood, while Brenda and I would spend most of our childhood playing together, using our imagination to

entertain us.  Larry was always the big brother and watched over us, but we would play while he was working.



Brenda has always been a good communicator.  I had a tendency to mumble and my parents were not able to understand what I was saying, but on multiple occasions, she who interpret what I said to them.  She has always had a good speaking voice, so having an outgoing personality, a good sense of humor, good intelligence, and looking like ‘Cher’, she was popular.


She was interested in drama.  She was able to mimic anything from Bugs Bunny to Ethel Merman (for a long time I had the tune “There’s No Business Like Show Business” as Brenda’s ringtone on my phone).

She is a people person who loves animals as well.  She is, by nature, a merciful and trusting person.  As with all of us, with age comes lessons that take some of the shine of somethings (it’s called wisdom), but I still see her that way, merciful and trusting.

She has had difficulties in life that she has been able to overcome with stubbornness that does not allow her to be defeated.

She is a Navy veteran, who started her career as an air traffic controller, but due to asthma, she changed to being a videographer, which turned out to be a great gig, she was assigned to the White House to video (they don’t say shot) the President of the United States.  She was there videoing President George HW Bush and President Bill Clinton.  She has travelled across the world on Air Force One.  She intentionally, stepped into the Korean Demilitarized Zone (that’s my sister) while there.  She went to Europe, Asia, Australia, and who knows where else.  She has been in the presence of influential people from the world of politics and entertainment. She has served our country proudly and honorably and I am very proud of her and those who served with her.



After the military, she worked in cable news as a quality technician.  She worked on CNN’s Larry King show.  Working for other cable news channel, she also traveled to the Middle East.


Politically, we are opposites.  We know the other’s beliefs, but choose not to discuss them out of love and respect for one another.

Some years ago, Brenda and her mate, adopted a boy, who has Sickle Cell Anemia; his parents had a hard life and was unable to care for him.  In their home, he found love and acceptance and a future.  I remember the first years were difficult for him to adjust to boundaries and a new family.  But, happily, he is doing well now.

A second boy was adopted.  His parents struggled as well and he too, found love and acceptance and a future.


With these boys (I will not identify them out of respect of Brenda’s request for internet anonymity), I have seen a change in my sister.  She has come to understood what it is to be a Mother.  She has become less selfish and more giving.  I have seen my Mom inpatients in her, but I also see it in Larry and myself.  Her world seems to have opened up, in a way, not seen before, but in a very good way.

There is more that might be said, but not now.   I wanted to give you look at my sister, who I love deeply, to let you see how blessed I have been having her throughout my life.


So, with a sister like the one I have, you only need one!

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