A Helping Hand

I was teaching my Sunday school lesson yesterday, speaking on God’s miraculous grace.  It is not uncommon for me to remember an event that relates to a given subject while I am teaching.  This is the memory that came to me while I was teaching.

When I was going through chemotherapy, I was in a weakened state.  It was in January, I believe, and the left front tire of Terrie’s car was low and needed air.  If it had gone flat, I would not have been able to exchange the tire on the side of the highway.  She would have been unable to change it.  So, picking the lesser of two hard positions, we went to the corner gas station to add air.


I had gotten down on one knee and added the air to the tire.  The temperature was very low and it weakened me, even more.  I tried to stand up, but I could not.  I tried again and again failed.  I was too weak.  I then told Terrie that I could not stand up.  I didn’t think she could help me, so I leaned my head against the car fender.  I was in a bad situation and discouraged.

She surprised me when she suddenly, looking beyond me, said, “Sir, could you help my husband?  He can’t stand up.”  In just a moment, a younger man stepped to my side and cupped my elbow with his hand and gently gave me a little helping lift, which allowed me to be able to stand.

I related to my class, sometimes in God’s miraculous grace, He may send someone to you, to just give you a little lift, a little encouragement.  It didn’t take much to get me beyond the pivot point to stand up.  It may only take a kind word and a simple act of kindness to help someone get started again.

Recently, I overheard the need of a local pastor, who was having serious health issues.  I asked my pastor to call this needful pastor to find out what we could do to make his way easier.  The pastor receiving the call was grateful someone was thinking of him and he asked that we continue to pray for him.  When my pastor called to update me, he said the Servant of God was encouraged by the phone call and was glad that he had not missed it.  Today, he just need a little lift of encouragement.

Has anyone every come beside you to give you a helping hand?  Did you give thanks to God for giving you His miraculous grace?


We all need a helping hand, at times.  Are you willing to give a hand to a weakened brother or sister?  Are you willing to pray for one struggling with health issues?  Are you willing to be a helping hand?

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