But For A Good Lid

Saturday was a beautiful start to November.   A bright sunny day with the temperatures in the mid-70’s and a light breeze from the North.

I had the usual Saturday duties to perform: laundry, haircut, drug store, lunch, studying and then grocery shopping.


I thought I wanted a Burger King Whopper with cheese and a chocolate shake for lunch.  That could have carried me past supper time and even to breakfast.  With the sunroof open, I went to the Burger King drive thru and ordered.  I asked that they not put the whipped cream on the shake (it dilutes the chocolate).  They made it to order and gave me my sandwich and I headed home.

If you are like me, you would put the straw in the shake and take a couple of pulls on the way home.  I reached over to take the cup out of the cup holder to take a sip when the unthinkable happened….the lid popped off the cup and half of the shake landed on my center console.   This chocolate glob was moving toward my shifter.  It moved into one of the cup holder that I had my cell phone resting in it, covering the bottom one inch of my phone.  It was, also, moving down the side of the console.

I still had the cup in my right hand, apparently squeezing the cup the same way “Lobster Man” (if there is a super hero of that name) would have gripped it.

What are you supposed to do in that situation?  Napkins would be absolutely worthless!  I knew my only choice was to get to the house quickly, where I had towels and cleaners.

As I got closer to the house, I thought it would be good to stop at the local car wash and use their free vacuum.  I pulled close to the vacuum and got out with the shake still in my hand.  It must have bonded to my fingers.  I looked at it and saw there was still about  half of the shake still in  the cup.

Yes, “Sweetness” (my car) had been humiliated and needed quick action to correct the misdeed, but there was still some chocolate shake in that cup.  So, thinking only of being financially frugal, I started taking some deep, deep pulls on the straw to empty that vial cup.

I then started the vacuum cleaner to suck the spreading shake off the center console.  It took up most of the surface shake, but was not powerful enough to remove the cup holder contents.  I looked at it and remembered my straw, but I had already thrown the cup and straw in the trash.  I just couldn’t bring myself to digging in the trash to retrieve my straw.  I didn’t want to be seen drinking a shake from the cup holder.

So,rushing home,  I pulled into my garage with lights flashing. I jumped out of the car yelling to no one, “Towels, Cleaner – STAT”  I think “Sweetness” was reassured that I  truly did care about what she was going through.

Window cleaner and bath towels were essential for a quick recovery.  I had to shift from “Park” to “Low” several times to clean out each crevice where the sticky substance oozed.  But even after all that, there was still some shake that had gone under the clear plastic that hid the gear indicator.  I had never seen this before.  I had limited knowledge on how to correct this problem.  I need a specialist!

I went in to consult with YouTube and explore if others had faced such a challenge as this.  Sure, there had been a few cases of spilled Cokes, but no one had faced the major surgery of a chocolate shake removal.

I went back to the garage, where she waited anxiously, hoping upon hope that I had the right answer.  As I stood beside her, trying to keep her calm, I had an idea!  If it worked, she would be at full capacity again, but if it failed, she would be maimed!

From my tool box, I removed the smallest flat blade screwdriver that I owned.  I walked to the open driver’s side door and leaned across the seat.  I had a good visual of what was before me.  The screwdriver was firmly in my right hand.  I told her that I was going in and to stay as still as possible.

I gently slipped the blade in the side of the cover and gave a slight upward tug.  It popped up unharmed.  I moved to the front of the cover and repeated my steps with the same results.  I was now able to spray the clear plastic cover and the top of the gear indicator and clean them completely.  Everything had been restored.

Closing was fairly easy with a sigh of relief from each of us.

I am happy to report she moved freely today, with no hesitation, no embarrassment, just a sense of gratitude between a man and his machine that few ever experience!!!



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