Lessons From Beyond The Door

In my church, we have been studying about what a Christian home should be in our Sunday school classes and how that core unit effects not only our home, but our children’s future relationships and their homes as well as the effects on our churches and society.


I have meditated on these lessons as one without children, but one who loves children and understands the need of a solid foundation for our precious children.

I believe these principals  are very important for all of us now.  Even if we don’t have children!

Last week, I wrote that I was “praying for young families who are trying to have a Christian home.  A place of peace, grace, safety, growth, learning, and worship.  Press on, young Dad and Mom.  It’s worth it!!”

One of my most memorable things about my mother was when she prayed.  She would go to her bedroom and shut the door.  It wasn’t long until I would hear her crying out and wailing to God to intervene in our family.  Her marriage was not good, we lacked money, we lacked harmony, my father’s health was not good.  Mom worked about 50 miles North of our home.  Dad worked about 125 miles South of our home.  They would only see each other and my sister and me on the weekends.

But I remember the intensity of her prayers!  I don’t remember her words, but I know she was praying for her family and asking God to take care of us.  Which He did, not like in a TV show where everything was resolved by the end of the program, but we survived with some great life lessons of hardship and God’s faithfulness.

I admired the homes with both parents in the home and those who went to church and tried to teach their children how to become good adults.  And I believe those children that had that type of home life had an advantage in life.

I have often wondered if other families had a mom or a dad or both that closed their bedroom door and earnestly cried out to God to intercede in their children’s life, with an intensity that left a lasting impression in their children’s life.

Parents, are you praying for your children?  Are you instructing them in how to become good adults and parents?  I didn’t get the chance for that, but you have!  Will you take advantage of being blessed with your children or grandchildren by blessing them with a incredible memory of you as a prayer warrior?   It’s not too late.  You can start today!  It is worth it!!


2 thoughts on “Lessons From Beyond The Door

  1. Steve, I can honesty say yes I can still remember hearing my Mom and Dad crying out to God, for guidance, to raise me and Sharon in the way of the Lord. Because of their prayers I have a peace that we only get from knowing that we are saved by His Grace. Just like Aunt Ruby’s prayers Mom and Dad’s prayers were heard.I am so thankful. I pray for you often.


    • David, you have been given a great heritage! I told my Sunday school class this morning, your parents always were consistent and pointed us in the right direction. I gleaned from their field and I love them deeply.


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