A Change For The Better?

I made a Facebook post on the evening of October 31st asking when did it become popular to transport children into neighborhoods for “Trick or Treat”.   It was meant to be funny, since I am know as having a dry sense of humor I even put a “dry sense of humor alert” at the bottom of my post.

Help me understand the concept of transporting ones child from outside neighborhoods for trick or treat to other people’s neighborhoods. Are the Snickers in my neighborhood better than the Snickers near their own neighborhood? Is it to gather even more candy? Is it the parents desire that their little darlings eat so much candy the child passes out? When did this 10/31 nomadic migration begin? What’s next? Nomadic Thanksgiving dinners? Drive by gatherings of Christmas gifts? Maybe we need to put a little map on how to get back to their own street in the sack!!

(Dry sense of humor alert)

Apparently, I touched a nerve because I didn’t expect to get the reactions that I did.  In the comments that followed, others commented on how they didn’t agree with the idea of moving children from neighborhood to neighborhood to gather candy.  Some thought the motivation was to go to more affluent areas for better candy.   Some of the comments gave me insight that caused me to think about how things have changed since the last time I went Trick or Treating.

That time was about 1961 or so.  At that time, we walked, without our parents, to our neighbors and only on the streets we were familiar with.  There was no fear of pedophiles or weirdo’s.  The only concern was perhaps a passing car of high school boys throwing eggs at young sixth graders, but nothing that would wreck your life.  None of us would have thought of asking our parents to drive to another part of town to get more candy.

Some of the comments mentioned safety issues of neighborhood driving.  Others noting some neighborhood’s not participating (porch lights off), while some said they noticed the kids at their door were not from their neighborhood.  But one comment got my attention;

At least parents are more involved with their children on fun days.

I said I thought that may have been what had been missing in my thoughts – parental involvement!!

It would have been abnormal to see parents walking with their kids on Trick or Treat for me.  As much as I would like to say things were better in the old days,  isn’t parents being with their precious children on night when parents need to be with their children an improvement?

I don’t like costumes that are gory or scary, but I saw some very cute costumes (a little boy dressed as a milk shake) and I saw the smiles on the faces of the parents as they looked at their child.  If that time was a time of bonding between parent and child, isn’t it worth it.  It’s been said that love is spelled T-I-M-E.  Spending time with your kids, regardless of their age, is time to make memories, to deepen a relationship, to pass on traditions.

I don’t know what it was like to have my parents come to hear me play in my high school band at football games or almost any other event when I was growing up.  Times were different.  Their focus was on trying to put bread and a pot of brown beans on the table.  Today, many have the money and time to put bread and beans on the table and to take a walk with their family.

Each generation has their own memories, their own standards.  If they honor the Lord in their actions,  does it really matter where they get their candy?


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