Has America Lost Its Sense of Humanity?

hu-man-i-ty –  humanness; benevolence; compassion; brotherly love; kindness

I have great concerns about our society!

When I read and hear of nasty, vicious comments about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg or President Donald Trump getting the Covid-19 virus, it makes me question where we are as a society.  There is no question, at least in my mind, that our society has been in a decline for a number of years.  I wonder now if we are not in a nose dive.

I don’t remember all of the details, but I do remember when I was much younger about people in New York City, stepping over or around a body lying on the sidewalk. It was shocking at the time, because the country, as a whole, still had some sense of humanity. We cared about our fellow man.

We jump forward to current events and we find people randomly “sucker punching” innocent people walking down a sidewall. Or someone randomly choosing to shoot someone. Or people rioting and destroy small businesses, hurting their neighbors.

I will not go as far as to say, we have ALL lost our compassion. There are still acts of kindness and concern being shown. Perhaps, with social media, we are more exposed to the inner thoughts of our fellow citizens. It seems few restrain themselves in expressing their opinion on any given subject, regardless of their knowledge on the subject, but it is stated with all the authority and confidence of a keyboard warrior.

My concerns seem to focus on how my brothers and sisters in Christ react to the events of the day. The Lord spoke of not being overly concerned about how you will be taken care of for the day (Matt. 6:25-34) or that we should focus on the way of the world (2 Corinthians 6:14-18), but rather, the Christian is to live a life that is different from the way of the world, we are to follow God’s teachings from the Bible.

Do you remember Jesus teaching on the subject of salt? He said in Matthew 6:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses it savor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” Why would Jesus refer to His people as salt? In context, He was talking about being persecuted and being insulted because they were followers of Jesus.

He was speaking of a purpose for Christians. Salt adds favor. Salt preserves. It is my belief that we add favor and we are preservatives in our society, but what is the result if we lose our savor in society?

I have heard stories of how the church had influence on society, back in the day (liquor stores closed on Sunday/ car sales not allow on Sunday/ no school events on Wednesday night or on Sunday), but that’s not the case now.

In Oklahoma, politicians and special interest groups promised great things would happen in our state, IF liquor by the drink/parimutuel betting on horse races/casinos/ medical marijuana/etc. would be legalized and our tax base would soar and we would be in need of nothing. Everything would be great!!

Well, all of those things did pass. Most passed with little or no opposition from “the church”. Could it be, church members were supporting those things? Could it be, many have lost their ability to ADD flavor of good character, good morals, hard work, and ethics? Could it be, we are afraid to stand against the evil of society because we enjoy and approve of the way things are? After all, one doesn’t have to go into a liquor store now to get strong beer or a bottle of wine, you can pick it up in Walgreens or Crest Supermarket, while you get your prescription or your bananas!

Salt has been used as a preservative for ages. It is used to dry foods (drawing the water out) and it kills microbes, including the bacteria that causes food poisoning

Proverbs 15:1 says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

I’ve been in my share of Baptist church business meetings that I had hoped that this verse would have been applied. If we don’t get along with one another, in our family unit, in our churches, how are we going to preserve the good things in our communities? Here is something to think about: community (co-unity) meaning to live together as one. Do we have the integrity to respond with a gentle answer in lieu of taking someone’s head off in our answer? Would a gentle answer help build a relationship and thereby preserve our society?

Have we gone too far with our self-centered ways that we can’t turn back and do the right thing towards our fellow man? I don’t think we have, but things need to start changing toward civility and goodness and kindness to make it happen. Will you join me in this effort?

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32

Fear, Confusion, or Trust

photo credit: Getty
photo credit: Getty

In the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller, “Marion Crane” played by Janet Leigh was stabbed to death in a motel shower. The scene took about three minutes of run time highlighted by screeching music, fast scene changes, and screams from Janet Leigh. Those three minutes made for one of the scariest moments in film for the time. It was reported that Janet Leigh said she would never take a shower again, only baths.

I sometimes think fear as shown in that movie is prevalent in our society now. By listening to the nightly news, I hear much fear, and increasing confusion, and very little trust.

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The Hug

Sunday morning, I was sitting in the church auditorium waiting for the service to begin.  As people started coming in, a father and his two small sons joined me on my row.  The boys started walking toward me and when they were near, I bent over and gave each of them a hug.    They then turned and walked back to their father.  They looked over their shoulders at me as they were walking and smiled at me.

I can’t tell you what that 30 second exchange did for me, other than it refreshed me and made my heart very happy.   What a precious moment.

As a result, the following day, I wrote these words:

How to avoid bitterness, a cold heart, and dismay: Give/Get a hug from a small child. Cherish their little arms and hands holding on to you. Allow their sweet smile and gleaming eyes renew the hope within you. It washes all the bad from you.  

There may be some days you feel like your nothing more than a pinata and the Lord will bring to you a innocent, sweet child to remind you that not everyone wants to hit you with a stick.   Take courage, my friend!

Eight Tips for Weathering Grief

I was given this article as a possible help for our GriefShare ministry in our church. It is well written and I hope it will be a help to those who are in the refining process of healing.

Tender Mercies

fullsizeoutput_61f8I don’t propose to be an authority on grief, but I have suffered a lot of loss—including my brother in 2000, my sister in 2001, my husband in 2003, my daughter in 2006, and my mom in 2014, and I just lost my niece in 2017. Up until then, the biggest loss I’d had was my grandparents and then my dad in 1976.  I found I was ill prepared for the losses of the 2000’s.

Grief –  Deep sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death

Synonyms: sorrow, misery, sadness, anguish, pain, distress, heartache, heartbreak, torment, affliction, woe.

Many things bring grief. It’s a universal sign of being human, and it isn’t a weakness.  It’s the cost of loving deeply.  Many things bring grief—-a move, loss of health, loss of a job, financial loss, empty nest, divorce, infertility, changing churches, anything that brings loss of dreams,  Then there’s the loss…

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Things I Learned At Walmart #2

walmart-logoThings I learned at Walmart today…

  1. Short & wide people should not wear cargo shorts when the bottom of the pants are a about 6″ off the ground. It does not enhance their body image, at all.
  2. Yoga pants can show cellulite
  3. Tattoos are still very popular
  4. Mommy jeans are still worn by some
  5. There a number of people who walk by the shopping carts and have to return to get one. What were they thinking, “Hey, I can carry all that stuff, but what if I get a text message?”
  6. I didn’t realize there were as many short people in our world
  7. Some people try to look presentable, others don’t
  8. Some women have really big feet, that are dry and cracked.  Lotions are located in the pharmacy area.
  9. 99.3% of women do not look good in asymmetrical cut clothing.
  10. Walmart would be a good source for movie character actors
  11. Central American men walking on their tiptoes are interesting
  12. Is it to early in the season for Ugg boots?
  13. What can be done for fat back cleavage?
  14. I thought I saw Gailard Sartain’s cousin wearing a green tee shirt, green camo cargo shorts and bright blue athletic shoes.
  15. I think I will try to invent a electronic body sanitizer for people walking in the front door.
  16. I think the people walking around talking to themselves are crazy, some of them say they are on the phone, but I don’t they have accepted their problem yet.
  17. And finally, the answer is “No” from the Walmart associate when you ask them to pile all the chocolate they have on you as you lay on the floor. Apparently, you must buy it all before those arrangements may be made.

(originally posted on my Facebook timeline 10.17.15)

Disappointments of Blogging

DisappointmentAnyone who knows me knows that I like to research all things that I become involved with.  Such is the case, when I was encouraged to begin writing.  I researched the blog sites, themes, how to edit photos, excreta.   There were an abundance of opinions.

I started with a Facebook community page.  It provided a link with my Facebook friends, but it still wasn’t what I envisioned to display my thoughts.  After spending some time putting down my thoughts and posting it, it would get lost between a pie recipe and Continue reading

Fathers Day 2015

Dad at the Lake_300Since 1978 , Father’s day has been a difficult day for me.  In December of 1977,  I became a Christian and started attending church services every week.  But I discovered the churches I have attended, honor Father’s by having special emphases in the message and by special prayer for all the fathers.  It’s the right thing to do and it should be done.  The problem is that I’m not a father.  I remain seated with the women and the children, feeling isolated.

Being a father is biologically normal and it has happened since Adam and Eve.  I understand fully the program God has set up to sustain the continuation of life on this planet.  Continue reading