A Stop At An Oasis

Goasis-300od is good to give you a detour, occasionally, on the “highway of grief”, especially after a rough and bumpy section of highway.  I wrote about that stretch of highway in my post Update 2.21.16.

I was angry about being alone and empty and I didn’t want to be that way.  My desire was to be used by God, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be in that condition.    I said the fight was out of me and I gave up.  I surrendered my will to His will. Continue reading

Update 2.21.16

news_headline_300I am both embarrassed and ashamed of where I am now.  I have entered a time of anger.  I have become irritable and testy with people whom I admire and respect.  They have done nothing to cause my irritability, but nevertheless, they received it.  Fortunately, the Holy Spirit began to work on me and I apologized, recognizing I was Continue reading