A New Taste

Yesterday, I had a most wonderful present! I was privileged to get to be with small children on Christmas day.

To you that may be normal or insignificant, but to me it was special.  It was a first for me.  It was something that always seemed to be missing in my life.

Oh the joy it gave me to watch and interact with these precious little ones as they showed me their Christmas gifts.  A shark boat, a magic set, special color art pencils, and an adorable Minnie Mouse dress.  They would say, “Hey, Steve, look at my…. Or Watch this!”   The shy Minnie Mouse would look at me from the top of the stairs with her little face between the banisters, with her blond hair and blue eyes only to say, “BOO!”  Baby brother was ready for a nap and preferred to be in his Grammie’s arms.

Why was this so special to me?  Because it gave me a taste of what it must be like to be a Grandfather.  Something that I never thought would happen and may never happen again.  But yesterday, I got the taste, the sweet taste of the joy of being with children on Christmas.  What a blessing!!

Suitable For Him

Tholding-hands_300he second Christmas has passed and I have mixed emotions.  Yesterday, I had many reminders of where I was emotionally one year ago.  That time was very raw and painful.  This year, there was a respectful awareness, but I had some joy and happiness, at the same time.

I think the joy and happiness was due to the Lord continuing to work in my life and to graciously bless me in at least two ways: First, in “Good Tidings of Great Joy“, I     described re-focusing on the true subject of why we celebrate Christmas.  Secondly, in “Trust and Obey“, I mentioned I had gone on a Continue reading

Good Tidings Of Great Joy!

I would like to confess something.  For the last ten to fifteen years, I’ve have found very little joy in Christmas.  I know as a Christian, I should take great joy in celebrating this time of year the world acknowledges the birth of Jesus Christ.  But I had lost focus and the meaning of what we were doing.

As I was growing up, Christmas was never like the Norman Rockwell paintings, the Hallmark Channel movies, it was much more Continue reading

A Story of Three Christmases

CCSC_1Christmas has never been a really joyful time of year for me.  My parents didn’t seem to enjoy it and that seemed to be passed on to me.  I was asked to give a testimony about Christmas for our church cantata.  I’m not used to watching myself speak.  It’s not very pretty, but just to be able to speak is a blessing.  Just in way of explanation, my oral surgeries have left me altered.  When a titanium plate was removed from my jaw, my chin moved to the left by  3/4″.  The left half of my lower lip doesn’t have any feeling.  The point is that I have been blessed; God has been kind to me.

Merry Christmas to you!