When It Gets Hot

Lfireast Sunday, our Sunday school lesson was from Daniel chapter 1 entitled “Reset Emotionally”.  Pastor Greg Keenen writes our Sunday school material and always challenges us to live according to the Word of God.  The main points of the lesson were 1) Refuse to become a victim (v 2), 2) Refuse to lose your identity (v7-8a), 3) Refuse to be defiled (v8b), 4) Refuse to follow the cowards (v8c), 5) Refuse to believe that you cannot succeed (v 17-21).  Concluding with this thought, everyone has trials that they do not understand and situations that they do not want to be in, therefore we need to adjust (reset) how we think on things and trust in God.

I don’t wish to re-teach the lesson, but I have been thinking of the events and characters of this story. Continue reading