Walking Toward The Light

Swalking_300ince the sudden home-going of Terrie on the morning of November 23rd, the most common greeting to me is “How are you doing?”  It is not offensive to me, but it is a signal of the person asking that they have a level of concern for me and I appreciate that and marvel that anyone would care about my condition.  The extent of the asking has really surprised me and humbles me. Continue reading

Insight To An Incredible Woman Named ‘Precious’

HerTerrie_Headline given name was Teresa Lee Baskin when she was born to Paul and Pat Baskin, October 18, 1949, in Shawnee, OK.  Her family would call her Terrie.

Terrie was always curious and questioning.  She demonstrated artistic abilities at an early age by using her crayons to color the living room walls.

She was always interested in lights and colors from the time she saw the colored fountain lights at OBU as a child.  In recent months I took her to see the colored flashing lights of the Farris wheel at Frontier City.  We sat on the side of the road for twenty minutes as she watched with delight the ever-changing patterns of the wheel, her eyes big and twinkling Continue reading