Guarding My Heart

WHolding-heart-300x292hen I turned the corner unto my street, I pushed the button that opens my garage door.  As the door was opening, I saw a large wet yellow dog wondering loose on our street.  We don’t normally have loose dogs in our neighborhood, it’s against the rules.  I could only imagine the afternoon storm had caused my visitor to escape from his domicile.

I pulled my car into the garage and stepped to Continue reading

The Three Caballeros

Terrie andThe_Three_Caballeros I were having lunch after church on Sunday, when we heard the sound of a nearby dog barking.  From the depth of the dog’s voice we could tell it must be a big dog.  We were puzzled because our neighbors to the left and to the right did not have dogs.  I thought maybe a dog got into our backyard, so I went out the side garage door to check the backyard.

I was greeted by a large white dog (later to be identified as a Great Pyrenees) looking like he was surprised I was at home.  I opened the gate to the backyard and stepped out asking him if he wanted to leave.  He indicated he was happy where he was, so I shut the gate and started to talk to him as I walked toward him.  I must have invaded his personal space, because he turned and headed to the shrubbery in the corner of the yard.  I quickly realized he belonged to my neighbor behind me and he had crossed via an unknown hole in the fence.  I relayed the information to Terrie and didn’t think any more about it.  For some reason, Terrie nicknamed this all white dog “Rusty”. Continue reading