A Summer’s Day

I haBigCliff_300d readĀ Sandra Hilson’sĀ Facebook post earlier about the Friday night dances at Coulee Dam city hall. Yes, church family, as a teenager I went to dances, but this is not a public confessional, but a series of thoughts. Driving home this afternoon it was hot! 92 degrees and humid in OKC. With high school years in the back of my mind, I began to think of summer in ’67 and ’68. My biggest concerns were mowing the yard and going swimming at Banks Lake or Lake Roosevelt. Brenda Elkins and I would drive the faded red ’56 Ford truck the family had or the ’60 Volvo out toward Electric City and stop at a spot along the road, grab a towel, and walk down a dirt path to a wonderful swimming hole at Banks Lake. The water was clear and cool and deep. The song’s we listened to were about having fun, and being involved, and being young. Continue reading