Learning To Be Content – Follow Up


Scalmwater_300_210ince February of this year, the Lord has been working in my mind and heart about pride.  There are two types of pride.  The first is a good pride, like being proud of your children, or in something else.  It is usually something external from you.  The second is bad pride, like being proud of your children because you think they are better than other children.  This is usually started from within you.  Arrogance is associated with this type of pride.  God speaks against this type of pride in the Bible.  I think that I have previously said there are over
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Learning To Be Content

calmwater_300I believe I must have scared my gentle readers with my last post (Update 03.14.16).  I admit that I was hurting deeply, that I felt like ‘I was on the moon’ type of lonely, and that I was frustrated, but I was not mad at anyone.

I was trying to explain how my life was now that Terrie is not with me.  Others may have children or
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